Old School Fun In Space


This new Japanese theory of launching paper airplanes from space is definitely a new one. After all the Japanese have almost perfected the electric toilet so you know this will be possible. Professor Shinichi Suzuki of the University of Tokyo is the man who thought this might be possible and is to about break global engineering thoughts. His team will be testing the airplanes that they will be launching from International Space Station. They will send an astronaut who will launch 100 paper planes which will glide back to Earth. They will be testing prototypes which resemble a space shuttle sent in by Japan Origami Airplane Association. The prototypes have been tested in a wind tunnel and are coated with a compound that increases their heat resistance. So far the planes have resisted winds up to seven times the speed of sound, and endured temperatures of around 300 degrees Celsius.The planes being tested are about 8 cm long and weigh less than 30g. If Professor Suzuki can convince the American Space Agency, NASA and the Japanese Space Agency, JAXA to allow Japan’s next astronaut to launch the paper airplanes, the project would help to inspire new ideas for lightweight re-entry vehicles that can explore the upper parts of the earth’s atmosphere. They hope this will inspire school kids to get involved in science.

Because of the Earth being about 70% water the team estimates that the planes only have a 4-5% chance of hitting land. This is why they want the astronaut to release 100 paper airplanes. The International Space Station is 400 km above the Earth’s surface and if a plane would be to land it would be the longest flight ever made by a paper plane. If the plane is successful the team hopes to be able to attach a tracking device to it. The planes have been written saying if found to please return to Japan, what a relief huh?

Leave a comment about how this might help stellar technology? Or how this might one day save the world? Looking forward to what you think.

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3 Responses to Old School Fun In Space

  1. BigJ says:

    That sounds really cool. I wonder if someone from America will find a paper airplane and not even bother to send it to Japan. I think that some people that find it may think that they are garbage and throw them away. I bet that this will spark the enthusiasm of some kids and maybe they will get interested in space.

  2. doctor says:

    that is cool that they almost invented the atomatic toilet instead of always pulling a handle

  3. whatchamacallit says:

    What the- JAXA!? What does JAXA mean?
    What you said, doctor, is part true. What should remember is that we do have automatic toilets, in America. What those toilets have are censors that can tell when you leave and go back to eat or something.

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