Make Way for the Hy-Wire!

Hywire What is happening in Darfur is bad because of genocide, but we also need to focus on global warming,  and one of the main contributors to global warming is pollution.                                             

What we can do to ease global warming?  The Hy-Wire is the answer

What the Hy-Wire is a car with no engine!  Inspired by air-craft cockpits, this GM car is a vehicle that does not need gasoline, does not have a complicated steering wheel, and best off all, it does not pollute the air, not one single bit!  Powered by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, the car only gives off harmless water vapor.

What do you do to steer it?  It’s easier than it sounds.  There is a small color screen and two hand grips on each side like an aircraft cockpit.  To go forward or faster, grab and twist the grips to the right.  To turn it left or right, move the controls up or down.  And like I said, it is easier to control than it sounds.

What the bad news is that the earliest the car may come out is 2010. 

What you should do is to check out this youtube video of the prototype in action. 

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this or other hydrogen cars.



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8 Responses to Make Way for the Hy-Wire!

  1. Cool car. I bet the pilots of the world would love this car.
    Anyway, I like the sound of this car: does good for the world, sounds easy to control (to me), and just plain old looks cool. But I found some things to paw at.
    For the average American, if they have a regular car, then this would be a bad transition. They wouldn’t know what to turn to go in which direction. So if they wanted to go left, they would probably turn left and then crash into another thing. So I think it might be difficult for the average American. (unless they are a pilot)
    Another thing is the price for the car. If the car is super-duper-expensive, then nobody would buy it. And like I said before, the average American might find it difficult to control, so they might think twice about purchasing one.
    A good thing is that it would be a great simulation for pilots in training. The United States Air Force could use these as a great tool for those pilots who are becoming pilots.
    So I think my question is, do you think that the average American would think twice before buying this car considering it has different controls than they’re used to?
    -Vampire Slaying Cricket From Zambobway

  2. Skip Rope says:

    Great start GM to help with gas dependance, global warming (although cars are not the only contributor) and overall “green” thinking.
    VSC from Z brings up a point that will most likely keep us from mass appeal and that is the price. New technology will put a hefty price tag to start on this vehicle; I still believe we should get it out asap to get the bugs worked out before it is avaiable to the masses.
    Second question by VSCFZ asks if different controls will sway my decision tom purchase this vehicle. My opinion is No. Computer software changes frequently, website change frequently, the bicycle has changed since it’s inception and people are still riding them.
    Whatchma…. says it may be released in 2010. We most likely will still be fighting for oil (I mean WMD’s ) in Iraq; maybe a water car will end the war?
    So… Go GM and get this thing out! …beat Toyota.

  3. The Warlord says:

    I think that this is another great start to combat global warming, although the controls sound weird. I know how hydrogen fuel cell cars work, and the strange controls don’t help make it work at all. So now my question to GM is: why the wacky controls? Like VSCFZ said, it might deter some customers.
    The Warlord

  4. Shakesphere says:

    Heh. . . they should be teaching students in drivers ED how to drive those! That looks way cooler then a normal car. The car probibly is great but what problems do you think can rise from it? Is it harder to controll then a normal car? Will people want to buy a car like that? Will they be expencive like all new cars are?
    And what are some other issues that could rise, I mean that they didn’t think anything would be bad about gas powered cars when they first came out (or it wasn’t a very hot topic) but then global warming came up.
    What do you think?

  5. whatchamacallit says:

    What you guys said about my post is true, with the difficult-sounding steering system. What you guys (or girls) have forgot is that we are kids, we haven’t learned about how to drive todays cars. What will probabaly happen in 2 years (the year the car comes out) is that we still won’t have learned about how to drive an average car.
    What that means is that it won’t be such a devasting transistion for us, but for adults, it is a way different story. What do you think?

  6. The Warlord says:

    Come on guys, I want some new content! I realize you’ve had a break recently, but come out strong from the break! I want to see some current arguments and recent events. I know you want to stay politicaly neutral, but this is a hot current topic!
    The Warlord

  7. Tar Heel Boy says:

    Hey guys,
    Cool post. I am glad that someone has come out with something that won’t pollute at all. Warlord asked, Why the wacky controls?
    I belive that if GM could make a car like all the rest fo them that would not pollute they would have. I agree that it might drive some costemers but it might also bring in some new as well. Also it is cool that it dosen’t use gas, so that might bring in some buyers by its self with the gas prices the way that they are.
    Always reading,
    Tar Heel Boy

  8. Hotdog Bob says:

    This seems like a good idea but it might take people a while to fully understand how to use it.
    And just think, someone isn’t going to buy a brand new car just because it’s efficient. If they like their car and want to keep it they’re going to.
    Also it would be very hard to find parts for these cars. But it would be a very good way to conserve energy and stop polluting the air.

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