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Califonia Condor Catastrophe

This year, Blurb central has supported two things deeply: Darfur, and wicked sweet raps. It is time that we turn our concern to our biodiversity. Biodiversity, what a necessary and beautiful thing. But with our need for industrialization, biodiversity is … Continue reading

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Blood Curdling

Bloodcurdling It cannot breatheIt cannot loveIt lives off of magicIt lives off of bloodIt doesn’t sympathizeIt does not careIt will kill anyone, it will kill anywhere.It does not shareIt does not speakAll it does is eat, eat, eat.With one mouth … Continue reading

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Global Warming: A Global Issue

Ever wondered how global warming could affect our planet? Well Will Steger did, and he wants to do something about it. Now Will Steger is a legendary Polar Explorer. He was the first person to make a dogsled trip to … Continue reading

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Have no doubt, We are back from track out!

Once upon a time there was a monkey named the Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude, a very odd man named Hotdog Bob, and a man in love with nachos named Mr. Nacho. How they got together nobody knows, yet many guess. … Continue reading

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Embraced in Weightless Delusion. . .

I am embraced in a weightless delusion . Gliding through a caress of an electric blue As exhilarating and passionate as the heavens above . It seems as if I am floating on all the tears ever cried . They … Continue reading

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Book Review: Snakehead

How many of you have heard of the Alex Rider Series? Well anyways,it is by far my favorite set of books. Sometime ago there was a book added to the series. It is the immediate sequel to Ark Angel, in … Continue reading

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