Embraced in Weightless Delusion. . .

Kevinrosseel_050308_049I am embraced in a weightless delusion .

Gliding through a caress of an electric blue

As exhilarating and passionate as the heavens above .

It seems as if I am floating on all the tears ever cried .

They grasp me in its formless presence

Dancing me through the rhythms of the tides .

But anger and violence roll over the solemn delusion .

T he earsplitting shrill of violent waves lash the shore

Spitting out the heat bundled up in this world .

Everyone hears the aggressiveness of the crash

But only run into this somber dimension in which I am seized

In a prison of sorrow forever……weeping instead of fighting .

They flow in, searching for peace

They are the lazy ocean clutching the scorching sand .

We all drown in the sea of  tears

Captive of a  ceasless and voiceless battle

Inmate s of evil and all its misery


Eternity awaits, my child

Because the violent waves were ignored

By:  The Writing Lunatic

(Image credit:  kevinrosseel_050308_049.jpg by Kevin Rosseel, licensed Creative Commons:  Attribution)


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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One Response to Embraced in Weightless Delusion. . .

  1. Writing Lunatic–
    I’ll make sure to get you mysticl, bella luna, and blood curdling soon, before I leave
    ~Belgian Waffle

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