Global Warming: A Global Issue

Ever wondered how global warming could affect our planet? Well Will Steger did, and he wants to do something about it. Now Will Steger is a legendary Polar Explorer. He was the first person to make a dogsled trip to the North Pole, and was a National Geographic Adventure Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. He is a dedicated environmentalist who was early to sound the alarm on global warming. He noticed the effects on one of his many trips to the Arctic and Antarctica.

Will Steger is about to lead a team of six young adventurers on a 1,400 mile 60-day trip across the Ellesmere Island, located in the Canadian Arctic. The sea ice in the region should still be frozen solid. "We want to take our audience to the front lines of Global warming" stated Will. “We provide the spark with this expedition"Leading the trip will be Will Steger. The young Adventurers will Sam Branson, 22, Son of British Airline Tycoon Richard Branson. He is an experienced Arctic traveler.  Sigrid Ekran, 27, only the second woman in history to win the Rookie of the year for the Iditarod sled race. She will run this years race before she joins the the rest of the group in Resolute, Canada.There is Ben Horton, 24, who recently went on a trip to "hunt" shark Poachers. No pun intended there folks.Eric and Sarah McNair-Landry. Eric, 23, and Sarah, 21. Recently they went on a month long kite skiing trip with their mom.Finally Tobias ( Toby ) Thorleifsson, 28, who has a master’s degree in arctic history.The route they will take will take them to the location where the Ward Ice Shelf experienced a major break-up in 2002.They will also see Ayles Ice Island, which broke off a shelf and drifted south. They will also be observing wildlife, glaciers and sea ice along the way. On a 1995 expedition in the Arctic, Steger had a close call with a break up in the ice. All thanks to global warming." It was pretty scary," recalls Steger."Ive seen a lot of these changes myself over the past 15 years. Thee ice caps are just gone." The team has built a three week safety cushion to their schedules. The changes of the glaciers and ice shelves have made traveling up north a lot harder and more dangerous.

Steger and the team hope to jolt young people into action over the fact of global warming. ‘For their generation, says Sam Branson, "Climate change is definitely going to be the biggest issue."  Some change is avoidable, but up in the artic the greenhouse gas is too much to be stopped.  "Within a decade or less, its going to be impossible to reach the North Pole by dog team, without floatation," Steger states.

These explorers would not go on this trip if they thought that Global Warming was a lost case, they are trying to prove that global warming can be slowed down if we change the way we are living.  "A cleaner world!  Cleaner energy, from the wind or plants," Steger told TFK.  "Cleaner air and smarter ways of using resources."  Climate change is happening, but people could change too.  Their willingness to change could change the shape of the earth’s future.To find out more go to their website.

So do you think that our generation could change the course of global warming?  Is this reversible, or is it permanent?  Do you think our kids will ever see a polar bear?  Leave me a comment and tell me how you feel about our earth.

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2 Responses to Global Warming: A Global Issue

  1. Shakesphere says:

    Personally I don’t think there is a way to stop global warming. sure you can slow it down, but it will never go away.
    I think man has mest up the world so much that we are all doomed. Infact some people don’t try to make dreams because they are convenced that they will die.
    And what if they do, will the world be an empty place without creatures? Should we not look forward to a future because we may not have one?
    what do you guys think?

  2. ?????? says:

    hey why I mean the Earth has survied so much I mean There have been many times when people thought the world was going to end like in the I think 50’s when there was a huge hole in the ozone layer in austrailia well that got fixed. I think the earth can survive anything and the earth can fix anything this isn’t irreversable and its nature to adapt to our surrounding so if the earth is changing we will just adapt to it. It may take alot to reverse global warming if it really does exist but it will happen. And i personally am not sure if we really are heating up I mean back in MA 3 years ago we had the like the coldest weather I had ever experianced I mean snow till Middle of May No global warming can do that. I think the earth has patterends something like that and green house gases arn’t going to mess up the earth at all.

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