Blood Curdling


It cannot breathe
It cannot love
It lives off of magic
It lives off of blood
It doesn’t sympathize
It does not care
It will kill anyone, it will kill anywhere.
It does not share
It does not speak
All it does is eat, eat, eat.
With one mouth to chew your flesh
Another to suck your blood
And one more to capture your soul.
It has a heart of steel

It has a heart of coal.

Or maybe just one black hole.
It will give birth every thousand years
If it gets hungry, it’s goodbye to it’s dears.
It stalks our grounds
It haunts our minds
We think it’s unreal
But yet it feels so alive
And it is
It’s called the Xangreoachxis

Written by:  The Belgain Waffle

(Image credit:  MG 6696 by Somadijin, licensed Creative Commons:  Attribution)


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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7 Responses to Blood Curdling

  1. TubbyMcTubTub says:

    Nice poem belgian waffle. What is a xangreoachxis?

  2. Hey thanks Tubby McTubtub! Actually, the Xangreoachxis is a creature I just kind of made up. It supposedly stalked the grounds during the times of the Greek God and Goddesses.
    ~The Belgian Waffle.

  3. Dear Waffle~
    You did an amazing job!
    Your an amazing writer and if you keep it up writing will take you far. Just keep your mind wide open and I am sure you will find many magnificent things come crawling out.
    I am sure we will see some more poems by the belgian waffle in years to come.

  4. bookworm says:

    Very interesting poem, Belgian Waffle. But I bet neither you or anyone else that writes on the Blurb has every written nearly as many haiku about cows and chick-fil-a than I have. Don’t ask. I ought to write some of them on the blurb sometime. Anyways, keep up the good work!

  5. Lunatic, thanks so much for the feed back! I really enjoy your ‘Embraced In A Wieghtless Delusion”–amazing, captivating– story of our life, in metaphorical form. A sweet melancholy piece!

  6. Book worm–
    actually, to admit it i don’t seek out styles to write in. I haven’t in years, written a haiku. I personally find it diificult to write everything that is buzzing in my mind in a three syllable- five syllable- seven syllable sentence structure, or however it goes. Moreover, I just kind of write an A-B, A-B, rythmic poem most of the time, or sometimes just kind of write with a beat but no ryhme scheme. Thank you for your feedback!
    ~~Belgian Waffle

  7. this poem i think, must be one of my worst. I have to look into it and see if I could get a hold of the wonderful Mr. Ferriter and if I could put some moer up here… since me and Writing Lunatic are writing poems&art book together, we’d love it if we could put up some of our new poems here for you to comment =]

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