Califonia Condor Catastrophe

Img_3199_modifThis year, Blurb central has supported two things deeply:

Darfur, and wicked sweet raps.

It is time that we turn our concern to our biodiversity. Biodiversity, what a necessary and beautiful thing. But with our need for industrialization, biodiversity is a past tense. Biodiversity is disintegrating, and it needs our help. It is time that we supplied its needed aid.

One way to help with that is support an endangered animal, and we happened to choose the California Condor. So you may be seeing pod casts and writings and an occasional rap on this bird. We will try to save them, but we will need your help.

We decided that the best way we could help was to make this rap:

Keep visiting the blurb to receive our current updates on our steps to save the Condor.  Show your commitment by leaving comments on this post.

Yours truly,

The Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude and Flying Onion Boy

(Image Credit:  Img_3199_modif by Luis C. Tejo, licensed Creative Commons:  Attribution)


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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3 Responses to Califonia Condor Catastrophe

  1. Wow. What an ‘interesting’ bird.
    We at the Modern Typewriter will help your efforts in order to save the California Condor by telling our audience about your project.
    We agree that it is about time to stop thinking and to start acting!

  2. drumstick says:

    This sounds very cool I would like to hear more on this like the rap you talked about.

  3. hey drumstick, the rap they were talking about was in the video. We did the California Condor Project, so WE made a rap last year. They went through the archives, made new writing (mine was better) and inserted the video.

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