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SMILE… or else!

Have you ever flipped out your cell phone in the mall and began to chat really loudly with your buddy? Have people ever stared at you, slightly annoyed, and you just ignored them? The Japanese are taking a stand against … Continue reading

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Kick’n Condor Rap

I know that we usually only have a rap for you every nine weeks, but we have a special occasion, THE CONDOR IS IN DANGER! We must move fast, forget step by step! Go full speed!!! FLOOR IT!!! Look, love … Continue reading

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Cell Phones in School

You know what? I was sitting in homeroom yesterday and I heard my principal say something very commonly said in schools: "The staff and I have issued a new rule, all cell phone usage is prohibited until the last period … Continue reading

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Just how likely is the “Dream Ticket”

Senator Barack Obama has finally got the democratic nomination for president of the USA, and some people are in shock (a.k.a. Hillary Clinton). She hadn’t backed out of the race until now. On Saturday she gathered her campign staff to … Continue reading

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The 100 Word Story Challenge

The other day I ran across a very interesting blog entry on Ewan McIntosh’s tech education blog.  He linked to another interesting blog challenging us all to write, and publish online, a 100 word story.  The rules were very simple, … Continue reading

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Operation: International Year of the Potato

Did you know that 2008 is the International Year of the Potato? The Peruvian government was responsible for choosing 2008 to be the IYP (International Year of the Potato) and the UN came along. This major event will present many … Continue reading

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Wii Think Not

What does everybody think about the Wii?  It is awesome.  I am literally DYING for one.  But someone did die for one, and the Wii destroyed someone else’s brand new plasma TV.  It was all caused by this amazing device?  … Continue reading

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More on the Kindle. . .

We’ve been doing a ton of Kindle reading here in Blurb Nation since Bam Bam first walked in with his new toy.  Here are some of our thoughts on this nifty little book reader and on digital book reading in … Continue reading

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A Digital Ticket for the Future?

Have you ever wondered about how advanced our technology will be in the future?  Sometimes I wonder if we will still be using books!  There is a new way to read books, and it is called the Kindle.  The Kindle … Continue reading

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