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Kindle_2We’ve been doing a ton of Kindle reading here in Blurb Nation since Bam Bam first walked in with his new toy.  Here are some of our thoughts on this nifty little book reader and on digital book reading in general:

Suzy Snowboots:
I don’t like the Kindle because I like the feeling of a crisp page on my fingertips.  I love turning the page thinking, "Wow!"  So whether it’s old fashioned or not, I’m going to stick to the old-school, smudge-on-the-paper way of reading books.  I just don’t think that I’m ready for the 21st Century!

The Belgian Waffle:

I truly believe that the idea of a small device holding all my favorite books is obscene!  A book to me should be held dearly and thought of as a portal to a new and unseen world.  I like to hold a book, feel it’s paper back or glossy cover and read until daylight blooms from my window.  I very much like the physical feeling of turning a page, of feeling suspense build because all of one page’s mysteries are answered in the next page.

In a Kindle, you click "Next."  It’s a dishonor to authors everywhere.

Drama Queen:
I like the Kindle because after finishing a book in a place quite far away from a library, what are you supposed to do?  What if there is nothing else to read and nothing else to do?  What then?  With a Kindle, you could just download a book in a matter of minutes and continue to read.  Convenience is one of the best things about the Kindle.

Crazy Llama Girl:
Kindles are better than carrying around book bags full of text books.  Instead, you could carry around a Kindle.  You wouldn’t even need a bag.  Don’t you think that would make life easier?

Green Eggs and Sam:
The thing I didn’t like about the Kindle is that it felt that you had to be SO careful with it.  If you dropped it, you were wasting a lot of money.  But the Kindle is still a lot better than walking all the way to the library to get one book.  You could also browse sample chapters to see if you like a book or not. 

The Nameless Wonder:
I think the Kindle is a very good device to read from.  It is easy to hold and easy to read, too.  I like it because you only have to push a button to get to the next page…I think they should start making them and putting them into stores so that many people will be able to read from them.

So what do you think?  Are digital books something that you find interesting?  A tool with great potential to make reading easier and more accessible to everyone?

Or are they obscene tools that are destroying a beautiful past time? 

Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb!

(Image retrieved from on June 2, 2008)


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3 Responses to More on the Kindle. . .

  1. Shakesphere says:

    Hay waits! Isn’t looking at a computer screen/TV screen bad for your eyes? No offence blurbers, but if we read off of your website too long can’t that lead to damage to you?
    I’m personally agents this little device, because it’s just . . . NOT A BOOK! I don’t know about you, but I find it harder to focus on reading when it’s on a screen then on paper. It also wouldn’t help save trees at all, it uses some kind of battery or source of energy does it not?
    I guess that TVs and Computers are just as bad, but you don’t need to really focus when you look at them, because you’re only watching a video, or game clips.
    I do think that i-pods are ok though, because you aren’t always looking on a screen to get the music playing. Also I agree that i-Pods make music easier to get around, but i-Pods are more portable and easy to get around with. Can you imagine walking around carrying a huge record player everywhere you went!?!
    What do you guys think?

  2. Spider Pig says:

    The kindle uses a special LCD screen that will not hurt your eyes.
    Our cyber teacher reads from his kindle every day for at least a hour and a half, and he does not complain about his eyes hurting.

  3. Hey Shakesphere,
    I think that you made a very interesting comment saying that it hurts our eyes by looking at the screen. I also liked the way that you connected it to the thought of ipods. The big difference is that the “main” reason we have books is to educate us. Don’t take me wrong saying the books don’t entertain because that is a reason too. Ipods on the other hand are mostly for entertaining. With my experience with the kindle, I don’t think it hurts my eyes at all. It has a specially designed screen to not hurt our eyes which is another pro. How can this “reading tech” totally change our lives?? Will it hurt or help?

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