Wii Think Not

What does everybody think about the Wii?  It is awesome.  I am literally DYING for one.  But someone did die for one, and the Wii destroyed someone else’s brand new plasma TV.  It was all caused by this amazing device?  That is very hard to believe, but it is true.  Someone did die trying to win one, lots of people did have their TV and FACE smashed because of the system.

What I am about to tell you is about a Mom trying to win a Wii for her kids in a contest at a radio station.  The contest was called Hold Your Wee For a Wii.  The mother saw the ad for the contest in a magazine.  She wanted to win the Wii for her kids so they would have a video game system, so she entered in the contest.  The goal was to drink a certain amount of water and be the last person to use the bathroom.  She drank tons of water but won the worst prize ever imaginable, death.  By drinking gallons and gallons of water, she suffered from water intoxication, which caused all of her body fluids that were not water to be smothered by hydrogen.  The mother felt dizzy and was feeling sick, so she was rushed to a hospital.  Unfortunately, she later died.  The DJ’s that held the contest were fired, even though they claimed that there should have been nothing wrong and they didn’t know that would happen.  She not only died, but she lost the contest to a different mother.  This is how someone died trying to win a Nintendo Wii.

What you also should remember is that someone had their $2000 plasma TV ruined by a Wii.  This is what happened.  There was this one guy who bought a Wii and played with it when he got home.  A few weeks later, when he was playing the Wii, he thrusted the remote forward as if throwing something in the game.  But, he lost his grip, and the remote slid out of his hand, into the Television screen, and shattered the screen to pieces.  Nintendo was not charged for that action because it was the guy who tossed the remote.  But you should notice that all Wii remotes now have bracelets on them so they stay on your wrist.

What do you think now?  Do you still want one or now reconsider your choices?  Please tell me in your comments.



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5 Responses to Wii Think Not

  1. We at the Modern Typewriter totally agree, the Wii is AMAZING!
    The DJs shouldn’t have been fired, it wasn’t their faults the woman got like an “overdose” of water.
    And in the last scenario, it was the guy’s fault. Before every game, the Wii makers put a warning to put the strap on. So if he didn’t put the strap on, it’s his fault.
    -The Modern Typewriter

  2. TMX Elmo says:

    That is terrible! I cannot belive she died! You would think they would at least give her kids the Wii!!!!

  3. Shakesphere says:

    I don’t think that was the Nintendo wii’s fault. Sure she did die trying to win one, but it was also to her own stupidity to not pay attention to her health. Also in an article I read on this there were medical people that were constantly telling her to use the restroom.
    Also the TV thing, when you turn on the game, on the screen there is a large warning that says to stand away from any object, people, or furniture.
    I don’t think it’s the Nintendo Wii’s fault but the people’s stupidity.

  4. whatchamacallit says:

    What you guys said is true, it is not really the Wii’s fault for their death.
    What do you think would happen, though, if the Wii was not invented? What would have happened to the people in the article differently if the Wii never existed. What I’m saying is that the Wii is not to blame, but that the Wii existing is to blame.
    What do you guys think now?

  5. ?????? says:

    I still want a wii i mean what are the chances you are going to throw your remote into the T.V or kill your self trieng to win one or something dumb like that. I still really want them beacuse well they really arent going to kill you even if your not carefull.

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