Operation: International Year of the Potato

Potato Did you know that 2008 is the International Year of the Potato? The Peruvian government was responsible for choosing 2008 to be the IYP (International Year of the Potato) and the UN came along. This major event will present many opportunities to raise the profile of the potato around the world as an important world food staple, and to raise the profile of the potato as a contributor to the Millennium Development Goals. The potato is one of the most important foods in the world. One reason is because most products sent to feed starving people in developing countries are mostly rice. Now rice prices are increasing at a high rate. Potatoes are cheap and have more calories than rice so people could buy fewer potatoes and be fuller than just buying a lot of rice. So what do you think about this awesome potato extravaganza? Leave a comment and you will be heard! (So will the potato)

Click here to listen to the best song in the world, the potato song.

Click here to view the lyrics.

By: TubbyMcTubTub



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5 Responses to Operation: International Year of the Potato

  1. Hannah says:

    ohmygod, potatoes! ❤
    I'll have to celebrate with some extra pierogies… 😀

  2. chicken chaser says:

    Cool I LOVE POTOATOES YUMMY now I have an excuse to have potatoes every night for dinner

  3. tubbymctubtub says:

    hey guys you can help by spreading the word of potatoes ad how awesome they are!

  4. whatchamacallit says:

    What my potato style is mashed, salted, and buttered. What that is is mashed potatoes!
    What is your “Potato Style” Blurbers?

  5. Rowdy Roddy says:

    Hey all,
    Whatchamacallit asked “What is your potato style?”
    Great question! As a child of Idaho (US Potato homeland) I can give you the perfect potato.
    It first must be baked. Then you cut it open shark tooth style. Zig Zag for those of you unfamiliar with popato lingo. Then you add a small amount of butter, followed by shedded (none of that cheez wiz mess) cheese and a few blue cheese crumbles. Next salt and pepper to taste. Alternate adding Tabasco or some sort of hot sauce to give the spud some kick, and finish the magnificent tuber off with a few handfuls of sesame seeds. It may sound unorthadox, but trust me I have done years of research.

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