Just how likely is the “Dream Ticket”

Senator Barack Obama has finally got the democratic nomination for president of the USA, and some people are in shock (a.k.a. Hillary Clinton). She hadn’t backed out of the race until now. On Saturday she gathered her campign staff to withdraw the race.

However, we all know she is very comfortable with the idea of being Senator Obama’s running mate. Many people are calling this the “dream ticket”, but what I found out is just how likely that will be. In the article “Clinton Unlikely As No.2” The Wall Street Journal said “Close advisors to Senator Obama are signaling that a Obama-Clinton ticket is highly unlikely.”

Do you think having Hillary Clinton as his running mate would give him more or less votes? I heard on NPR that Clinton supporters are now turning to John McCain, and that could mean a lot less votes for Obama. If you don’t think Hillary should be his running mate who should? Leave us a comment and tell us how you feel.


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