The 100 Word Story Challenge

Old_computer_keyboard_i The other day I ran across a very interesting blog entry on Ewan McIntosh’s tech education blog.  He linked to another interesting blog challenging us all to write, and publish online, a 100 word story.  The rules were very simple, write a story, but you can only use 100 words, no more, no less.

I loved the idea and I posed this 100 word story challenge to our SMS Guys Read club at our last meeting.  We got some interesting results.  I even gave the challenge a crack.  Check out my story…

Ego Surfing

By Rowdy Roddy

I’m a boxer; they call me the Tuscaloosa Kid.  I’m a veterinarian, the rat vet of the year.  I’m an African Missionary, in danger of being hanged.  I’m a couple of different software engineers, doing IT stuff.  I’m a racing cyclist, with eight consecutive national championships.  I’m a photographer; I snap animals in the wild.  I’m a lawyer, counseling companies and individuals.  I’m a teacher, blogging about the joys of guys reading.  I sell Chevrolets in Aylmer, Ontario.  I am all of these things and I am none of these things.  If you want to find out about yourself, Google.

So now I challenge all of you out there to give this 100 word story a try.  The rule for us was that the title did not count against you.  Have fun, be creative, it’s only 100 words!

Hit the comment button and put your story up…you can claim that you’re published.

Write On,

Rowdy Roddy


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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9 Responses to The 100 Word Story Challenge

  1. The Joker says:

    I can’t belive there’s 100 words in that small little paragraph(I counted)! This is actually an easy challenge, because I think that I wrote more words in an essay, the only hard part is to figure out what words to put in. It’s easy becuase there I just wrote 41 words in the 2 sentences behind this.
    -The Joker

  2. King Kong says:

    If I had a llama I would ride that llama to school. I hear that llama’s fur is so thick, that you would not need a saddle. Then during the summer we would bring my llama to the barbershop and give him a shave. And the hair that we would get from the llama, we would take the wool and have it sent to Evo Morales’ suitor, so that Evo’s suitor can make for wool sweaters. Evo Morales needs more stylish sweaters for the upcoming referendum. Well let’s just hope that Evo Morales will stay in his Bolivian presidential office.

  3. HorseFreak302 says:

    Full Moon Rising
    By HorseFreak302
    Footsteps pounded into the night, my breathing was sharp and shallow. A voice cackled in my head, “You can run Lucy, but you can’t hide from yourself!” It made run faster. I stuck to the shadows, avoiding the light of the moon as if it was poison. There was no one chasing me, I was running from what I was about to become. I ran into a rundown apartment and up the creaky steps…onto the moon filled roof. My clothes tore to reveal wiry black fur, my nails grew into claws, and my screams came out as howls.

  4. Fudge Munkey says:

    Faulkland Islands (Or the Funkland Islands)
    “Ahhhhhh Freak out!!!” The Funkland Island is where you come to freak out. The parties on the Funkland Island are so crazy the SWAT team has to come in sometimes. The DJ on the Funkland is DJ Icee. DJ Icee is the most psychedelic DJ. The craziest thing is he’s a penguin! Then there the party host Mr. Iceberg. Mr. Iceberg hosts the best parties. There funktastic and wild. Then there is Pablo the Albatross. Pablo passes out V.I.P. passes to everyone. Pablo always seems too be late to the parties. The next time you visit the Funkland Islands freak out!

  5. Chicken Skat says:

    The hixory of the sponge is an exiting one. James Jackson in the 1880s was washing his hors drawn lamborgina galardo at his manshion and needed somthing to soap it with. And he went inside to think in his manshion and then thought about a spuishe absorbent substance and went to wark. He came out 100000000000000000000000 years later with the sponge. But the sponge grew legs and arm and ran into a pinap,le and came out with a sponge army. ANd the star fish got angry and made there own army and went to war. And many died buy the sponges won the war!!

  6. whatchamacallit says:

    The Demise of Fred and Bob
    What are we going to do? Fred and Bob, the extra crispy donuts in Bam-Bam Bigelow’s room, have been killed!
    What happened? I’ll work those details. When Bam-Bam Bigelow was done with a current event, he asked Brian to put up the over head. Instead of pulling it down and slowly pushing it up, Brian pulled it down and let it go! When the over head slammed into the top, the incredible vibration knocked Fred and Bob off the bars and they immediately broke on the ground. WHY BRIAN!?!?
    What that means is the death of Fred and Bob.

  7. drumstick says:

    I LIKE PIE!!!
    Once there was a French man who loved pie. His name was Bob the great. Bob was the king of pie and if you wanted to buy pie you had to buy it from him. One day a young dude came in to buy some of Bob’s pie. The young dude wanted to buy some of bob’s richest pie and would pay 300 zeros ( which is 1’000 dollars). Bob’s sent his pie men to go get the pie then they came back with the pie and gave it to the dude. As he opened the pie it jumped out and ate him!!!

  8. TheEggMan says:

    One day, a man walked into a store looking to buy some peanut butter and jelly. He walked up to the clerk.
    “Can I buy some peanut butter and Jelly?” The clerk suddenly turned into a monster, and warped the man to another universe! The man started to fight the clerk with the peanut butter and jelly jar that he had managed to grab from the shelf, but it was no use! The monster was overpowering him. In an act of desperation, the man swung the peanut butter jar at the monster. It was no use. The monster ate him.

  9. TubbyMcTubTub says:

    Yesterday, King Whats-Its-Name fell off his bed and hit his little undeveloped noggin on the diamond floor. Apparently, King Whats-Its-Name fell was sleepwalking and fell off his 50-foot tall bed. He has what is believed to be called bonkercidis. Who-What-Were-Whyian doctors are doing their best to cure their beloved leader. “We are trying our best but there isn’t a cure for bonkercidis!” said the head doctor. “I will never be happy without him!” said a little girl of the little kingdom of Who-What-Were-Why. More is to come when Who-What-Were-Whyian doctors will announce what is to happen on Yam 61, 99999.

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