Cell Phones in School

You know what? I was sitting in homeroom yesterday and I heard my principal say something very commonly said in schools:

"The staff and I have issued a new rule, all cell phone usage is prohibited until the last period bell at the end of the day. And then no using them until you get on the bus. That’s all the announcements for today. Lets work hard, be positive, and learn together. Have a wonderful Tuesday!"

I was so mad when I heard this! If I hadn’t known that I would’ve gotten in trouble, then I Would have started a protest (maybe not)! In my opinion cell phones should be allowed in schools.

The critical question is should students be allowed to use their cell phones at school or not?

Here is what we think:

Gabcast! Blurb Postings #11

So, should students be allowed? Leave us a comment and share your thinking.

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6 Responses to Cell Phones in School

  1. tubbymctubtub says:

    yeah i think cell phones should be allowed in school. Why i think so i because cell phones are not distractions and pieces of technology just like computers and labtops.

  2. Carolynn says:

    I am a 6th grade teacher and I think students should be allowed to have cell phones in school. Maybe we could even teach them proper etiquette for cell phone use.

  3. ME :) says:

    maybe cell phones would be good for taking notes or getting the home work written down or even texted from a friend but would kids still pay attention in class? all day in our class i hear phones vibrate or see kids lean under their desk to text someone. Cell phones are convenient but what if you and a friend started talking about something off topic and missed an entire lesson? I think all cell phones should be off during class and aloud during lumch and at lockers. During this time kids can text friends to get the home work, pout in a home work reminder, etc. please tell me what you think and keep the Blurb going for as long as you can!

  4. darnee' says:

    they should be able to have a cell phone beause of an emergeny or if they need to get in touch with there family

  5. H.N.R says:

    In all honesty there are pros and cons to this controversy while A we as students need are phones in case of emergencies theirs also the draw backs.
    One major draw back for me was half of my entire 11th grade class was caught cheating on our honers history test. I haden’t even thought of cheating as a posibility i mean where could they have gotten the answers let alone find the time to cheat. but cellphones are so common in our day and age where we just need like two seconds to see what the message is and text without even looking at our phone so all through the test while me and half the class studie till our brains felt like seeping out of our ears the others where just kicked backed and realaxed all through the test texts where going around ‘Whats the answer to question 3 on test b What was the era durring franklin D. Roosevents time?’ send it off to 5 people get a reply back ‘its A whats the answer to qustion 12’ and me i just finished the test and leaned back and smikled in relife when the test was done. No heres where this story goes down hill. The Teacher had no clue this was going on till someone let her know in 1 periond the next day. now when p5 (my class) returned the next week we all looked at are desk there where scantrons sitting there but we think nothing of it i mean we where relaxed and happy midterms where don but her come’s the teacher “The jig is up guy I know most of you had the answers to the test drop your cellphones on my desk and retreve your new test not doing so will result in a F for the semester. Now i thought the test was hard the 1st time around this time it was murder and we hadn’t studied for this version. i went from my prior score of 94 to 79 almost 20 poits off. because half my class decided to cheat.
    Now here’s where a cellphone comes in handy. just 3 weeks ago a girl in my brothers school was getting bullied by some students and was locked in a girls bathroom when it was raining. it was one of those outside the building batrooms so for a whole 2 hours she was in there crying her eyes out and screaming for help till she called her mom to tell someone in the school she was locked in the bathroom. Her mom came to get her and she was let out and the group who locked her in was punished but when the teachers and them asked her mother where she came upon the information on how she found out her daughter was locked in rhe mother said “my daughter called me on her cellphone.” her daughter got susspended for a week for using a banned item on school grounds. Now don’t get me wrong but thtats messed up.
    So there are pro’s and there are cons to using celphones on school property but if we can find leveld ground we can get have both.

  6. djkfghei;fjghertsdgdf says:

    I think cell phones should be alloud. If we’re in math and some of the calculators don’t work, we have out phones which have half the stuff from a high tech calculator. If we’re outside and we need to multiply the distance of sometihing, we have our phones. If we’re not using them though, we should keep them in our bookbags.

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