SMILE… or else!

Have you ever flipped out your cell phone in the mall and began to chat really loudly with your buddy? Have people ever stared at you, slightly annoyed, and you just ignored them? The Japanese are taking a stand against these rude, improper behaviors!

Japan has recently drafted men ages 60 and older as the "Manner Police". We question: Is it really worth the money people are paying in taxes? Shouldn’t people spend their tax dollars on something more effective and worthwhile? And, more importantly, should the Japanese citizens receive punishment for "impolite behavior" in public?

Don’t like the idea? Feel like rioting? Well, good luck! The "Manner Police" are also well equipped against rioters — they each have their own personal bodyguards! Older citizens having younger guards protecting them. That’s an interesting thought…

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What do you think? Is punishing people for bad conduct a good idea, or is it totally bogus?

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6 Responses to SMILE… or else!

  1. I’m sorry, but I am keeping an eye out for that one news article where a manners police guy gets beaten literally by like one of those punks from the subway who don’t give their seat up for the elderly.
    I actually think that is it a good idea and yet not a good idea. I mean, the bad part is it takes away freedom for the people. The good part is everyone can learn to obey the law and use proper manners.
    But is that a good way to spend tax money?
    -The Modern Typewriter

  2. The Warlord says:

    Nice post. I really don’t know what I would think. It is rude, and needs to be changed, but I don’t think it is important enough to spend tax money on.
    By the way, I noticed that with the new Gabcast system the quality of the recordings has dropped.
    I also had an idea for the next end of the school year. Why don’t you make one post with highlights from the year’s posts?
    The Warlord

  3. S L Y says:

    Recently visited Japan. The sheer number of people per square foot dictates the neccessity of manners/rules. Imagine if everyone in the US drove w/o rules. Road rage exists in the US. There they could have Street Rage.

  4. King Kong says:

    I think this might not work, I mean who’s going to liten if at all care what these guys are saying. And if it came to a chase these people are elders they can’t be all that fit.

  5. King Kong, Japan has already thought of that. These old guys have fit young guys to help them.

  6. Brad Smith says:

    It would be annoying to see someone staring at you, but a whole police force dedicated to that one problem is a waste of time. It would be bad to get in trouble for just staring, I mean yeah, good manners are very good in life, but I mean really sometimes you have to stare. So would you stare if you saw someone who looked crazy in the mall knowing you might get in serious trouble for it?

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