Picasso: The Artist of the Unreal!


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was born at midnight on October 25, 1881, in Malaga
a seaside town in the south of Spain.
When he was born the doctor thought that he was born dead. Picasso died at his
home in Notre Dame De Vie in Mougins,
France, on
April 8, 1973. He was 91. In Picasso’s final years his eye sight and hearing
started to fail. He never lost his creative energy, although he refused to see
many of his relatives, even his own children. The last portrait that he painted
of himself was in 1972 and the painting was a painting of an old man with a
twisted face with pain.

lived in many places. When Picasso was born he lived in Malaga, Spain.
Then in 1891 when Picasso was 10 his family moved to La Corona, a province on
the north coast of Spain.

Picasso had a weird childhood. His family was poor but loving. His fathers name
was Jose Ruiz Blasco. He was a painter and an art teacher and he often
struggled to support his family. His mother’s name was Maria Picasso Lopez. She
encouraged Picasso to become an artist. In 1884 Lola, Picasso’s sister was born
but when she was 7 years old she died. Picasso’s father also took him to
bullfights in Malaga.
He always enjoyed watching the battles between the bull and the bullfighter
(toreador). The bullfights later
inspired many of his paintings.

mother recalled that Picasso could draw before he knew how to speak. His mother also said his first words were (Piz,
Piz) which in Spanish means pencil. Also
by the time he was 9 his sketches proved that he had far better drawing ability
than all the other kids his same age. At
school Picasso preferred doodling instead of paying attention in class. He was not good in math and later in his life
he claimed he never learned the alphabet correctly. When Picasso behaved badly in school he was
sent to the cells. He liked being sent
there because he drew while in the cell.

In 1892 Picasso began formal art-training at
the institute. In 1895 his family moved
to Barcelona, Spain. In Barcelona Picasso got accepted to the
school of fine arts in Barcelona
despite his young age because his entrance exam to the school was
outstanding. Picasso soon became fed up
with the strict rules he would often escape the classroom to explore the
streets of Barcelona. In October 1897 Picasso enrolled at the
prestigious Royal Academy of San Fernande in Madrid. It wasn’t long before he started to skip classes so he could walk the
dark allies of Madrid. In the allies he would sketch the scenes that
interested him.

Picasso adulthood was both good and bad. Picasso was sad during part of his adulthood because his friend Casgemas
shot himself in a café in Paris. Picasso knew the only way he could make
himself feel better was by painting. This painting time became known as the blue period. Picasso moved into a studio near the café
where his friend killed himself. Picasso
was once again attracted to sketching the loneliness and misery that he saw on
the streets. The paintings that he drew
during this blue period were sad and haunting because he would only use the
shades of blue, gray and green. My favorite painting the Picasso painted during
the blue period is” The Old Guitarist.”

became happy after the blue period because he met a woman who he fell in love
with whose name was Ferande Oliver. The
period that made Picasso work look happy was called the Rose period. During the rose period Picasso used shades of
red and pink instead of grays and greens. Not only did the colors of his paintings change he started to draw a lot
of circus people and animals.

Picasso had
many styles of painting. One of his
styles was the style he had during the Blue period. Another style that he had was during the Rose
period.  Picasso most famous style was Cubism. The critics at that time did not like his
cubism paintings. They did not like
cubism because they did not like the idea of having many cubes joined together
to form a painting. Cubism looks like
the painting was broken into cubes and then put back together wrong. The last style of Picasso’s paintings was a
painting of a persons face with his eyes, nose and mouth in different areas of
their face.

most famous painting was a piece called Guernica. During the Spanish and American War the small
town of Guernica was bombed and destroyed. Thousand of
innocent people were killed or injured. Picasso became angry and used everything he knew to make the painting
that would show the world how foolish war was. In the painting all the things in this painting had their mouth
opened. This painting consisted of
people and animals that were broken or twisted. The painting is fairly large it is 12 feet high and 25 feet long. The setting of the painting is very weird
there is a light attached to the ceiling and it looks like all the things are
in a cell.

I think
that Picasso is a great painter because he painted many different
paintings. My favorite painting is “The
Old Guitarist.
” I also like how Picasso
paints in different styles he would paint things that would look very flat and
he would also sometimes paint things that looked so round you thought you would
be able to pick it up. I also like him
because he is a very creative painter. I
think he is creative because he paints of people with their eyes or ears where
they are not suppose to be. I like his
paintings that have people with bull heads. He would also paint these bull heads on other animals. This is why I like Pablo Picasso

what about you?  Do you think that Pablo Picasso’s paintings are
interesting?  Why?  Do you like paintings that are a bit bizarre and
don’t look like real person, or are you hooked on paintings that look

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Image Retrieved from http://www.artquotes.net/masters/picasso/picasso_selfport1907.jpg on 9/18/08 


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5 Responses to Picasso: The Artist of the Unreal!

  1. rarestone says:

    Have heard of Picasso and seen some of his works. However, I did not know much about him until I read this post. Thank you for sharing, very well written too.

  2. Svensk King Kong says:

    I think that this is great biography, I always like learning about people.
    Do you think that because many famous artists lived in poverty when they were young influenced their artwork?

  3. muffin says:

    that is very interresting and I love picasso he is someone that I look up to because of his beautiful paintings.

  4. madi says:

    what all did picasso paint during the “rose period?”
    just wondering. 🙂

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