Why is Your Pink on the Field?

Cartoon_girlI am delicate, I’m special, I’m a hard worker, I’m usually the "I’m not good enough" one. Who am I?

I am the average girl. We’re special in the way that our minds are built differently. In the way that we all like different things. In the way that most girls don’t work unless their topic is superb.

We usually don’t get to show that we have that special "bang" in us. We’re pressured to be the "sport superstar," the "get better grades because our brains are wired differently," and the "more mature" of the two genders.

We’re just like you, we like to please,but it’s hard when you’re put under pressure.

We’re delicate. When we’re turned down it hurts like anyone else. In sports, however, we can get out there and play just as well as anyone else. Sometimes though we can’t take all the boys can. We’re different, so what?

I like sports just as the much as the next person, but its not the world to me. I know though some girls love sports but they concentrate on other things too.

I’m a hard worker. We usually like to do things right, do it thoroughly, and we make it look nice. That’s why we get irritated if things don’t go as planned. Boys are usually all sports, sports, sports. I would like to say to some "I care about my education, maybe you take it for granted but I don’t."

I’m usually the "you’re not good enough" one. A quick brief, I had finally convinced my friend to play flag football for P.E. It was more like standing around with velcro flags an your hips, though.

When we had been standing around for about 15 minutes she finally said "we’re not doing anything." I responded "well since we’re girls we can’t play football, so we’re bench warmers without the bench," I said with a hint of irritation in my voice.

When, finally, I had a chance to get someone’s flag a boy bumps into me and says "it’s football." I’m not positive but I think it meant," You’re a girl and why is your pink on the football field?"

For once can’t we be treated the same? As equals?

If you have a comment, or if you agree or disagree with me, please leave me a comment I’ll try to respond in the next "Who am I?


Double Whammy

Image retrieved from http://www.drawingcoach.com/image-files/cartoon_girl_st5.gif 9/23/08


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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11 Responses to Why is Your Pink on the Field?

  1. Drama Queen says:

    Hey all you new blurbers! How is the sixth grade this year? Enjoying the blurb? I bet you are. Just stopping by to mention how awesomely fantastic all of your posts are! Just remember one thing:

  2. TeLeTuBby GiRl says:

    I totally agree with u Double Whammy. Girls aren’t treated as equals. It is time that girls get to do what boys do. We are the same. We can do most anything they can do, it isn’t fair that they get more rights and are treated better than we are. signed TeLeTuBbY GiRl

  3. Dear Double Whammy~
    I really liked your blurbcast and wanted to give my opinion on your question. I think that the reason that boys may discriminate against girls in certain events is because we all ask ourseleves the question who am I? We all wonder what our roles are as boys,girls,men, and women. Even as people. Sometimes when you find something that is unique because it is only done or is perfected greatly by for instance your gender than you learn to hold on to that. So sometimes when someone that isn’t of your group or gender comes along you become defensive of what you have because if it is taken away from you than you feel like you are once again swimming in a sea of people exactly alike and once again you are not known for that special thing, you are a nobody. Think about it. Have you ever treasured something and thought this is all mine. This is what makes me unique!
    Is that what causes so much arguing and dislike between people unalike? Because we want to be more special? Or do you think it is something different?
    Reply back and give me your opinion!
    The writing Lunatic

  4. We live in a world today where stereotypes lurk every inch of this planet.”Why?” we ask ourselves.Why do females get made fun of when they do sports such as football? Why then are they classified as “manly” Well, to tell the truth, how many womans pro sport teams can you name? Sure, some soccer teams, but any football teams? Baseball teams? Maybe this isn’t about sexism? Would you admit that guys admit that guys are better at some things that girls are? I’d admit girls are better than us at some things.
    Comment back,
    The Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude

  5. I’m the one who’s life revolves around one sport, and I’m a girl.
    And yes, I agree with you, because unless you have proven yourself out on the field during a coed sport, the opposite gender won’t pass to you or be fair, even if your the person that is wide open and has a shot at the goal.
    We aren’t seen as equal to the male gender, and obviously, that is sexist, in the biggest way.
    Have you ever noticed how in many countries out in the east discriminate against women? In the Islamic religion, women must wear a veil out in public and walk a certain amount of steps behind her husband while walking. Many people in the religion don’t have a problem with it, and people who aren’t that particular religion seem to have a problem with it being discrimination against females.
    In my opinion, the world is still revolving around the total stereotypical thought of “the male race is better, stronger, and smarter in every way.” Well, although it is proven that the males are stronger, I believe in my personal opinion, that women are smarter.
    It comes down to the “Brain or Brawn” in this aspect.
    How can we change the stereotype that “males are better in every way whatsoever” if most of the world is still in it?
    -The Vampire Slaying Cricket from Zambobway
    (yes, Zambobway is spelled wrong. my country of zambobway is different that the actual African country.)

  6. Double Whammy says:

    Thanks everyone for all the comments, I love that you can see my stand point and I lopve that I am seeing your standpoints.
    This is for Monkey Dude,
    yeah I guess guys can be more athletic but during PE why do we have to be discrimminated?
    We are not playing in the profesional flag football league!
    Vampire Slaying Cricket from Zambobway,
    I never put it that way Cricket, the boys are considered more manly.
    Look out for the next Who Am I? It’s about homless people in Washington, D.C.
    Double Whammy

  7. the flying purple people eater says:

    I definatley agree with this post! Why should we be treated differently because we have different interests? Keep posting!!! The flying purple people eater

  8. Two things:
    1.) Wouldn’t it make sense if men were more manly?
    2.) Maybe girls wouldn’t be descriminated in PE if they wouldn’t sit in the back corner and talk in the middle of a game of dodgeball.

  9. Double Whammy says:

    I know that a lot of girls are talking in the middle of gym, but some girls want to play.
    Usually the girls who play flag football, have the choice of walking the track.
    So most girls who play are serious about playing.
    You are right though, last week my friend and I were playing dodgeball.
    Our other friend sat with us and didn’t do anything just because none of her friends were playing.
    Plus, she has a strong opinion about girls rights, but she isn’t helping by proving that we don’t play as seriously.
    As always,
    Double Whammy

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think it all depends on your attitude when it comes to how you’re treated in sports.
    I can see where that guy was comin’ from since a lot of girls just stand around and talk while a game is being played but we’re not all like that. Girls are stereotyped in the area of sports even when some of us could beat the mess out of the guys. But I’ve never had a guy, or any one for that matter, come up to me and say something to the effect of ‘why are you out here?’ My guess is that it has something to do with how involved you are or your athletic apearence/ability.
    Boys will just ignore the girls on the feild because they think we’re just out there in their way. But I’ve always been one to get out there and show ’em what I’ve got.
    Even since I was young I’ve had a love for sports and have always been pretty good at them. None of us are very different we just have different strengths. I’m not a big fan of academics, but I love to play sports.(I’m sure lots of you guys out there can relate to that.)It’s all about getting your butt out there and trying!!!

  11. Piggylover#1 says:

    Dear Double Whammy,
    I LOVE your post. I agree with everything you said. Im one of those girls who focus on education and grades more than sports. When it comes to playing on the team or just playing in pe I really get competitive with boys. When Im on the field the boys always say why are you on the field, and I reply because Im playing. They just give you a nasty look and walk away. Im glad you wrote about this and Im glad you have the same opinion.

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