Fight for Life: Part 4

IllustrationslizardsuitThis is the fourth installment in my Fight for Life story.You could read Part 4 Here

That day he started working on the shrink ray. When he was done making the shrink ray he brought it upstairs from the basement. He taught me how to use the shrink ray. The next morning I went outside and started to shoot most of the lizards in the city and stepped on them. There was a big group of lizards in Biskabible Courtyard.

I dove across the street shooting all the lizards in the courtyard. Then I ran up to the lizards and stepped on them. Then out of nowhere a huge goblin popped out of a dumpster laughing. He told me he was the king of the lizards and nobody could kill him. I laughed and started to punch him with my bare hands but he didn’t move.

He then picked me up and threw me across the courtyard. When I got up I was so mad I grabbed a street pole and smacked him with it causing him to fall. I started punching him like crazy and he started to cry and said “I give up.” I picked him up and threw him back into the dumpster where he came from.  I then picked up the dumpster and threw it into the ocean so he would drown.

(Image retrieved from on October 24, 2008)


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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