Cheesy McPheasy: Chapter 1

First, before you read any of this epic action story, you have to know a few things.

First, if you're wondering, Cheesy McPheasy is a real superhero. He is just like the Sandman from Spiderman, except it's cheese instead of sand. He can fly and he has a cape. He also has an alter ego named Bobby Joe Fatso.  And that's about it.

Bobby Joe Fatso was half-asleep at his desk. He was in his dumb school named schlooperville academy. Of course, the teacher, Ms. Flubberwubber. She said something about cheese and that gave Bobby an idea. He used his cheesepower to turn his finger into cheese and use it as any deadly projectile he could imagine. He decided to use his "Shut-your-mouth-and-leave-me-alone 3000", as he called it. What it did was when you shoot it at someone, it replaces their voice box with a toy box, so whenever they try to talk a barrel of monkeys or something comes flying out of their mouths.

He fired his selected cheesepower and Ms. Flubberwubber  was spitting out cabbage patch kids by the second. After school, Bobby  went to the dumpster and transfo- "Bobby?" It was his best friend, Calvin. "What are you doing behind the dumpster?"

"I… uh… well- you see… I'mjusttransformingintotheworld'sbestsuperheronamedCheesyMcPheasysoIcanflyhomereallyquicktocheckmyemail."

Bobby panted for about fifteen minutes until Calvin finally spoke up. "Oh. Have fun with that." Bobby sighed with relief. "That was a close one." He transformed into CHEESY MCPHEASY!!!!!!!!! He flew through the skies of Schlooperville. He landed at his house and checked his email. Suddenly the alarm rang really really loudly. A bank robbery! Cheesy McPheasy sped through the city looking for the bank. He reached the crime scene just in time. "Huh Huh Huh! It's Stupid McStupidface! What shall we do?" They teased him. Instantly, Cheesy sprung into action. POW! KABOOM!BLAM BLAM! SMACK! Cheesy defeated the criminals one by one, but there were too many. He finally defeated all of the criminals. Except for one of them. The King Criminal, The Master of Disaster, Big Daddy!

 "Eh, o, why yoo interruptin' ma party eh?" He took out a machine gun and fired away. Cheesy McPheasy dodged the bullets with ease. He thought Big Daddy was going to run out of bullets sooner or later, but he kept on shooting. Cheesy decided to fight back. Still dodging the bullets, he flew around firing string cheese from his fingers. That didn't work, since he kept on missing because he had to keep dodging the bullets. He tried the Shut-your-mouth-and-leave-me-alone 3000, because whenever Big Daddy ran out of bullets, he just had to barf up some Nerf darts. He tried cutting the cheese, but Big Daddy had a mask on. He went through every kind of cheesepower, using it different ways, using it on different parts of the body. Finally, Cheesy shot Big Daddy's machine gun. But then Big Daddy pulled out a samurai sword. Cheesy made a sword made out of cheese to match the challenge. They tinged and clanged and fought for hours. Finally Cheesy gained the upper hand.

"Ha Ha Big Daddy! I win! I'm going to take you to jail!" Big Daddy grinned. "No you're not! You can't do anything to me! You can't even take me to court!"

"That is true," a deep voice said. "Cheesy McPheasy can't. But we can." The deep voice had been a police officer to take the criminals to jail. "Thanks Cheesy McPheasy. We couldn't have done it without your help." Cheesy McPheasy saluted the officer and took off in the night sky.



About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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