The Bench Warmer

Have you ever been to Washington, D.C.?  Is there anything different about D.C. then a lot of other places?

Sure there may be the Washington Monument that takes you 550 ft. into the huge building. And forget the 40 years that it took to make it.

Forget the fact that many people honor Franklin Roosevelt at his memorial. Where he is pictured with his dog Fala in a magnificent statue.

The Lincoln memorial is just a statue with 36 columns holding it up because there were 36 states at the time.

And the important memorials that honor the solders that died and fought for our becoming of the most powerful country in the world.

And most importantly the Capital Building and the White House. Where our congressmen go to make our laws. Where the president and family lives and enjoys themselves.

And who could forget the second largest train station in the country. (Second to New York’s station.) Union Station has everything a bookstore, a lot of restaurants, gift shops and a subway.

Who am I? Who is a person that stands outside every morning looking for one thing?

Homeless person for blurb

The homeless. You’re probably wondering, the homeless? Why in Washington D.C.?  Why in the most powerful capital city. The answer is simple.

People are there everyday tourists, workers, bus drivers, everyone! That’s why they have chosen Washington. Everyday everyone must see at least one homeless person, they line the streets.

And of course Washington has tried to fix this by putting up homeless shelters but still the poor don’t want to go there it is probably already filled with people.

It has gotten so bad that the benches have dividers in the middle so the homeless don’t sleep on them.  

What else can Wahington do? Should they put up new homeless shelters? But that would cost thousands of dollars. Is there any way to turn?


Double Whammy 

Look out for my trip to Washington photo gallery. 🙂

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1 Response to The Bench Warmer

  1. ME :) says:

    on my trip to New York City I saw at least 15 homeless people begging for money

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