Rome: TyTYThegr8t version

In Social Studies class, we were studying the Roman Empire recently.  Before we started, our teacher gave us the following words and told us to write a story that explained how Rome was founded:  Romulus, Remus, She-Wolf, Rome, Zeus, Mars, Palantine Hill.

This is my story—and this is the real story.  See how close I came to the truth.

Signed, Ty-Ty the Gr8t

One day Remus and Romulus went with their dad, Zeus, to Mars to see if their friend was still on that planet. Meanwhile back on Earth, a she-wolf was walking around and saw this huge hill. It was the Palentine Hill. She started climbing up the hill.

The she-wolf heard this big loud noise and it rumbled the ground. She fell and was rolling down the hill. There was this big bump and the she-wolf flew into the sky and into space.


Back on Mars Zeus was getting angry at Romulus so he threw Romulus into space. The she-wolf saw an object flying towards her.  The thing hit the she-wolf and was flying back towards earth. She was shredding the thing—which was Romulus—into little tiny pieces. 

By the time they hit land, Romulus was dead in tiny little bits. They both hit Plantine Hill. The she-wolf was rolling down Plantine Hill again, hit the bump, and went flying into space. Zeus wanted to stay on Mars but Remus didn’t.

So Remus told his dad to throw him down to earth. Zeus picked up Remus and threw him towards earth. Remus was flying to earth when he flew past a she-wolf.

“Boom,” Remus was on earth and saw this open land. Remus was running to the land. He stood there. Remus thought of making a village here. Remus was deciding what to name it.

He got it, he named it after his brother… Rome. 


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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1 Response to Rome: TyTYThegr8t version

  1. Piggylover#1 says:

    I think your post was very informational. I liked how you posted a picture so we can see what the babys physically did. I also liked how you wrote your own story and compared it with the real story. Well I hope you liked my comment.

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