Cheesy McPheasy: Chapter 2

Okay, now I know how the series is going to go. There are things called segments. Each segment is 5 chapters long. After 5 chapters, there will be a new segment. This is segment 1, of course. Okay now the story really starts.

"This isn't over Cheesy McPheasy! I know who you are! You're uh… uh… well I'll find out who you are! Ha Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Hoo Hoo Ha!"

EEET! EEET! EEET! EEET! Bobby Joe Fatso's alarm rang like crazy until he decided to get his butt out of bed. He packed for school and decided it was time to leave for his doom.

He waited at the bus stop for his best friend, named Calvin. Finally, he showed up. "Hey Bobby. How'd the fight go last night?"

"Good. I jailed him- again!"

 Calvin pulled out a clipboard. "So since I'm you manager I think that's the… was it the eighty-sixth or the sixty-eigth time you've jailed him?"

"I don't know but that's not the point. I keep having these stupid nightmares where he says he's looking for me and stuff. It's creepy!" Calvin thought for a minute. "I don't know anything about that kind of stuff. It's Hobbes that knows most of the stuff about dreams. He's had lots of experience." Calvin had this stuffed tiger named Hobbes. Bobby never really saw Hobbes during the day.

Bobby's cell phone started to ring. "Uh oh! Big Daddy escaped again! Dangit! Doesn't this guy ever learn?!" He ducked under the bus and transformed into Cheesy McPheasy. He bursted out of the bus, leaving a dent in the ceiling. The action was noticable downtown. There was a car bouncin' up and down and there were big flashes coming from the car. Cheesy flew down and picked up the car. "'ey! Da caw is flyin'!" said a familiar voice coming from the car. Cheesy let go of the car and let it bobble until it was leveled. Cheesy hopped inside of the car. Big Daddy was wearing a big orange jumpsuit, the kind you wear in prison. Big Daddy pulled out two pistols, unconcerned about the condition of the car. Soon there were holes in the seat, they were going so fast that the speedometer was doing 360s, and whenever there were ups and downs in the road, the car would hover above the ground, then land with a big BUMP! And yet Cheesy McPheasy and Big Daddy cared about it. They were too busy playing. Cheesy McPheasy had gained some new cheesepower overnight, so he was winning most of the time. But that didn't stop Big Daddy. He kept on shooting his machine gun like there was 30 seconds left in the world. "This isn't working," thought Cheesy McPheasy. "He's too powerful." He decided to bring in the big guns. He had found a new cheesepower the other day. And let's just say that it's so powerful that in 3000 more years the military still won't beat this unbeatable beat of forcey beat. He held a knife in one hand and a piece of cheese in the other. "You wouldn't!" Big Daddy gasped.

"Oh I would alright." And then, at that very moment; Cheesy McPheasy cut the cheese. There was a big kaboom and there were earthquakes happening all over the place in Moscow. But believe it or not, Big Daddy was still alive. Beat to death but not literally beat to death, he was still alive. "You… kn-know why you were… having th-those nightmares?" moaned Big Daddy.

"… to tell the truth I have no idea," said Cheesy McPheasy. "neither do… I. But I'm still going to kill you. Ha-yaaa-". In case you were wondering, Cheesy McPheasy tapped him on the shoulder.

At Big Daddy's funeral, there was no one but Big Daddy's mom and the priest. But thanks to Cheesy McPheasy, a man of 122, 063,466, 007 commited crimes was now no longer on earth. Cheesy McPheasy saves the day again!



About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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