Instant Replay+ Soccer= Brilliance

An Italian soccer team,Fiorentina, had their best striker called out post-game and was penalized for two games.



 The Fiorentina player,Gilardino, was caught with a hand goal after the game on video. A hang goal is when a player hits the ball in the net with his/her hand. It was extremely controversial because, at the same time, Gilardino was being fouled and his eyes were closed. Some say that because of those factors the ball bounced and hit his arm and it was not intentional.


I think the idea of giving soccer instant replay is brilliant. It’s about time fouls and hand balls that go uncalled are brought out into the light. It’s also great because there is no way to deny a video of you clearly doing something illegal.


The bad side of instant replay, to some, is that it slows the flow of play and makes it more boring.


Overall, I think it will satisfy those who have fallen victim to bad refereeing and it will bring justice to them during and after a soccer game.


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2 Responses to Instant Replay+ Soccer= Brilliance

  1. Mrs. Nick Jonas says:

    I know absolutly NOTHING about sports, but this is a great topic to blurb about. Instant replay is very useful and it does benifit sports greatly. But i would have enjoyed this topic more if you could have elaborated more on why and why not you found instant replay useful. Also, it would have been nice it you could have shown some proof that some people found instant replay boring and slowing down the game.
    Mrs. Nick Jonas

  2. I think that instant replay slows down sports, because part of the game is human error. you have to know how to foul without it looking like that. And in such a fast paced game such as soccer, there is no time, because by the time they call it, the team will probably have already called advantage, and there is no use to calling it. I was annoyed when they started to use it a couple of weeks ago for baseball. I thought your post was fine though, I’m not that picky. Thanks for the topic.
    Im am a serious soccer freak…..

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