Maximus Drive Part 1

Maximus Drive was smarter than Albert Einstein. His IQ was just about 250. Yet, as smart as he was, his body was just about as strong as a lemur and four foot two( and he's just about sixteen!) .

Maximus and his bodyguard (John) were walking down a street in Austin,Texas. People were frying omelettes on the street! The thermometer read 115 degrees."Master Maximus, aren't you a little hot in that tuxedo?", asked John. Maximus replied," First, call me Max, and yes, I'm FRYING in this oven of a tuxedo.". John laughed and they went on.

NOTE: A new part will come every wednesday or thursday.



About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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2 Responses to Maximus Drive Part 1

  1. Sallie says:

    I didn’t know Albert had a 250 for an IQ.

  2. TalonCarver says:

    “Maximus Drive was smarter than Albert Einstein. His IQ was just about 250.” Good grief I can’t believe that he is a genius. I am also writing a story and my character is on another planet and he has 1.97 billion DQ (the equivalent to IQ on his planet) but he doesn’t like to be smart, so he doesn’t use it. I hope to read more and see what he actually does for a living. I also want to know how it is so hot!!!!!! I could not stand the heat, I love the cold. Any way I hope that I can comment on more of your story. Maybe one day you can read mine and comment also.

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