Ohio State vs Penn State

Penn The Penn State vs Ohio St. match up was supposed to be high scoring, yet defense dominated in a 13-6 Penn State victory. 
    Ohio State had the ball and a three-point lead when Terrelle Pryor fumbled, defensive back Mark Rubin using his left hand to knock the ball away as the freshman quarterback carried on a third-and-1 early in the fourth quarter.
    "I just didn't want to let him get the first down," Rubin said. "I tired to square up and push him back. I'm not going to lie: I just happened to get my hand on the ball and was able to bounce it out."
Pryor, the nation's most heralded quarterback recruit last spring, completed 16-of-25 for 226 yards with the one interception. He ran for 6 yards on nine attempts. Chris "Beanie" Wells managed just 55 yards on 22 carries against Penn State's stout defense    
    On 3rd and 1 at Ohio St's 1 yard Pat Devlin powered through the Ohio st defensive line for 6 points and, after the XP, Penn St. was up 10-6 but most importantly Penn St. had momentum on their side.
    "I've never faced adversity like this," Pryor said. "When you turn the ball over twice, it's on you. I gave them the ball and put pressure on the defense again. I feel the loss is on me."
    Ocho Cinco (ochocincos.pbwiki.com)

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5 Responses to Ohio State vs Penn State

  1. chicken chaser says:

    Instead of posting an article on college football why don’t you write about the elections. As you know Barak Obama is our new president. It would really be a shame if you didnt write about this important event. Theres alot you could say and discuss about on this topic. You could do an overveiw of the elections or you could talk about how this makes history, Or how the world feels about this. Did you know Kenya has a new national holiday celebrating the day he was elected? I think thats pretty cool. There was also many phone calls from leaders of other countries (some considered friends some considered enemies) approving his election. I think that a post on how the world feels about this would be very interesting.
    from a former blurber,
    chicken chaser

  2. beaniewellsfan says:

    ohio state is the best
    plus why dont u just post one about flordia becuase thats and upset.
    go buckeyes

  3. Ocho Cinco says:

    Beaniewellsfan said “Ohio St is the best”, well actully they’re not, because ‘the best’ is which ever team is ranked #1 in ethier the BCS, AP, or Media poll, and right now that is Alabama(Which will be blown out by Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators in the SEC Championchip game.),Ohio St is 10th best (11th in the BCS). Ohio St is 3rd in the Big 10 right now and Ohio St is projected to play in Orange bowl vs FLORIDA ST ;).
    Ocho Cinco

  4. beaniewellsfan says:

    Ocho cinco said that the gators will blow out alabama. i disagree becuase even if alabama loses i think that usc will come back out cuase personally i think that usc i way better than flordia and clobber tim weakbow.BCS title game will probly be Texas tech vs. alabamma.

  5. Ocho Cinco says:

    Florida has a 50/50 shot at the title, because Texas tech still has to play Oklahoma and who ever wins will play texas in the Big 12 Championchip, the winner of that game will most likely play in the BCS Championchip and it will probobly be Texas because they only have to play games with teams with losing records and then only have to play in the big 12 championchip and Colt McCoy is not halve-bad (77.2% and 9 yards every attempt.) And now Ohio st is predicted to play in the Capital One bowl!!!
    Texas vs Florida is what I say
    Ocho Cinco!
    Espn says TT vs Fla

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