Why Barack Obama Won

    The obvious reason that Obama won the presidential election on Nov. 4 was because he was famous. In fact 52% of the people that made up their mind before September voted for Obama. Another obvious reason was the 66% of people aged 18-24 voted for Obama, that category represented 10% of the vote.

  In Florida 45% percent of people 65 years or over voted for Obama. Forty-five percent is an extremely high number in the large Republican retirement population in Florida. In the key state of Ohio 60% percent of voters who were worried about the economy voted for Obama. 

    The major amount of people in the US make $50,000-$75,000and in that category of the vote the race was almost tied, McCain narrowed out 59-58%. People who make less that that accounts for 31% of people.

Obama urges Congress to pass stimulus package

Whether Obama will be a good president, or not, the American people sure agree with him and that is why I think Obama won.

    Ocho Cinco (ochocincos.pbwiki.com)


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18 Responses to Why Barack Obama Won

  1. I believe Obama was not the best pick for President. I do believe that McCain should have won the election, and I was very disappointed when he did.
    Obama is being idolized and practically worshipped ever since he started campaigning. Change We Can Believe In? What kind of change? He cannot answer our prayers if that is what he wants to do. Only God can.
    And how exactly will he change America? Obviously, he will withdraw the troops from Iraq immediately. Well, with my grandfather being in the Army, father in the Air Force, uncle in the Navy, and brother soon to be in the Marine Corps, I think I know how the military thinks. Most people want the troops out of Iraq, and I cannot blame them, I want them back to their families too. But I’ve asked my brother, most likely to be deported after boot camp, and he said every single Marine he has talked to said they would love to be in Iraq fighting for the greatest country in the world. He says it would be such an honor, and he wants to be there now. I don’t think that Obama should take the troops out. It will show a sign of weakness to America, and also show a sign of cowardice. If we take the troops out, then we will look like a pathetic weak country retreating. Don’t take the troops out.
    Obama won fair and square, but he even admitted in a speech that McCain would make a better President. Does anyone else think that is ironic?
    -The Modern Typewriter

  2. Ann Hannah says:

    Hi! I was so excited to find this blog as my students also keep one. We are always looking for more student readers and commenters. I’m going to share this blog with my students as well!

  3. Ocho Cinco says:

    Modern Typewriter said “Change we can believe? What change?”.I think the reason that Obama said he could bring change because he is democratic and Bush(which every ones disagrees with) is Republican and the democrats (after winning majority in the House and Senate.)are set to change the country. Not relating to Modern Typewriter’s comment,yet I know a lot of kids, despite what the media says, who thinks McCain should of won. Do you agree with Modern Typewriter or not?
    Ocho Cinco

  4. Personally, replying to what Ocho Cinco said: no one can still answer my question. Barack Obama wants change, WHAT KIND OF CHANGE PEOPLE?? No one can give me an answer!
    And another thing, everyone in the current country of America, I think it is completely disrespectful of the public to put-down and insult President George W. Bush. I do support George Bush, and the war in Iraq, with having a military-centered family.
    Changing the country is a hard thing, many have tried, many have failed. No one sees that Barack Obama is being idolized like Adolf Hitler during WW2. He is being looked at like some kind of God that can help the world, stop famine, and stop war. I will tell you one thing, one he withdraws the troops from Iraq, I can guarantee you that a terrorist attack will occur within two years, or an assassination. He already had one attempt on him and he wasn’t even elected then, what will happen when he is in office?
    -The Modern Typewriter

  5. beaniewellsfan says:

    What change? Obama was supported to much by the left (media). John McCain was a way better choice because of his experience. Here’s a fact for you Obama really only served as senator of Illinois for 143 days while Sarah Palin served way more time as governor of Alaska. So why is Palin getting whacked for in experience while Obama is the one with the least experience.
    Obama wants to redistribute the wealth. Last time that was tried by Herbert Clark Hoover.
    The result of that was the depression. Obama is using the same socialist tactics and where already in a hole so why would Obama help if he will just use the same tactics as Herbert Hoover who got into the depression. So why did the people choose Obama. Idk?. I noticed though now a day’s liking Obama has

  6. Yoda says:

    Very Bias this blog has become indeed. Racism you must keep in mind. One must be opened minded an always conciter his opponet McCains ideas. . .Oh wait! what are they? I only remeber him insulting Obamas campain.

  7. Personally, I find it utterly ridiculous that any students are supporting McCain, because think about it. None of McCain’s “brilliant” ideas have supported education, where many of Obama’s have. McCain ran a way too far right campaign, and thats why he failed. But McCains problem with depending on these kind of people, is that, well, THERE AREN’T THAT MANY! Obama targeted the intelligent, middle class, and technology savvy group of citizens, by posting ads on even the online loading screen for guitar hero, myspace, and facebook. McCain is still giving speeches in middle school gyms, where Obama is making speeches in stadiums! You cannot deny logic. You just can’t.

  8. Well, listen Canyon:
    Do you support abortion? Well, Obama does!
    Do you think we should withdraw the troops from Iraq?
    Obama DOES
    Will we be a weak country if we retreat from war?
    Of course we will!
    I can bet you within a year or two, there will be some sort of terrorist attack again, since Obama had a Muslim past and terrorists love that about him.
    It makes me sick that he is being idolized like some kind of God. Its disgusting to think that people drool over him and practically worship him and think he’s the bomb! It’s going to be like mud in his face when he screws up.
    -The Modern Typewriter
    PS: Canyon, Obama even admitted in a speech McCain would be better choice. What kind of President says their opponent would be better?

  9. Piggylover#1 says:

    I think your post was excellent. I thought you could have elaborated more and had lots of your opinions. I also think you should put a good question at the end of your post. I voted for a person that I liked a lot. He had lots of good meanings. Well I hope your happy with my comment.

  10. Ellie says:

    Responding to modern typewriter, I think it is an horrible thing to say that he will be assainated. The people who were planning it before were just a bunch of losers emailing back and forth. Besides, if those are the kind of people supporting McCain, why would I vote for that. Also if the mother is dying then abortion is right. I am pro choice and women should get to pick not the goverment. Also Obama was is just being gracious when he said Mccain was better.
    I would just like to say the names of Sarah Palin’s kids. Piper, Bristle, Track, Willow, and Trig. Call me crazy but those names are weird.
    – Ellie

  11. Ellie J. says:

    Dear Modern Typewriter,
    BARACK OBAMA IS NOT A TERRORIST! He has two cute little girls and he went to law school. He is a christian and the only reason his middle name is Huissan is because his dad is from Nigeria. Believe it or not Huissan is a common name in that area. So what now, is everyone named Adolph a Nazi now.
    America is not a bunch of stupid people. Do you think they would vote for a terrorist, I think not. Obama creamed John Mccain so thats over half america.
    I think it is a awfull thing to call someone a terrorist. Obama is a nice man from a nice family. You don’t have to like him but you can at least be gracious about it.
    If you feel it is necessary to play the terrorist game, Sarah Palin’s husband was part of a board or club if you will that tried to get Alaska to be its own counrty. Sorry if I seem rude but I am well educated on politics so I can fight back.
    I also watch a non bias news network so that means they wont make up lies about an opponent. Try watching other networks and you will see that everyone but Fox agrees that Obama is not a Terrorist.

  12. The Emperor of Colorado says:

    I think that Obama will handle it, but I think he is too young for presidency. McCain had way more experience. He’s graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (1958). In October of 1967, he was captured by the North Vietnamese and was a prisoner of war until 1973! Luckily, he survived those conditions, but almost lost his life- you have to be very brave and willing to surivive and fight for the country to be a prisenor of war. He also was the Senate for Arizona in 1986, then re-winning the election easily in 1992, 1998, and 2004. Now, he will serve yet another term because of the loss in the presidental election. How is he not already experienced enough?! If he had won (the presidential election), that would have meant he served 4 terms (each term is 6 years, for Senate, to refresh your memory). Obama only was Senator for 143 days in Illinois before running. 143 days- that’s not even half a year!
    I agree with The Modern Typewriter. You need a lot of experience to fulfill the job of running the USA.
    And I just think that McCain would have been able to handle more emergency situations (or, any kind of situation, for that matter) a lot better than Obama.
    So, what kind of change is Obama really going to bring?

  13. wicked awesome monkey dude says:

    I am saying it right now, Obama is not a terrorist. He is a family man. None of the McCain campaining even suggested that. But what they said is that he was, and is, associated with terrorists. And I, Monkey Dude, support that.
    To answer your question, Modern Typewriter:
    He will destroy any private property rights that are currently owned,
    He will make it alright to kill babies in the womb, which I and many people would consider murder,
    and last but not least, he will pull our troops out of Iraq suddenly, not over time, but instantly.
    Ellie, I heard what you said about abortion. I can get why you say that women should make the choice, but really; should you?
    Should have the choice to choose if this baby lives or dies? Should you be able to murder this innocent soul for your own benifit? No.
    If you were to dumb to not use protection in the first place, then no. Even if the mother is dying, does the mothers life have any more value than the baby’s?
    Comment back!
    Always thinking,
    The Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude

  14. Ellie J. says:

    Monkey Dude,
    I see where you are coming from and you make some good points. I agree with you half way. I agree with you when you say that if the mom was being stupid then they should not get the abortion. But I think that if the mother is so ill that she might die then chances are the baby is not doing so well either.
    I am glad that someone finally agrees with me about Obama not being a terrorist. There is no proof that he is.
    – Ellie
    comment back, feel free to disagree

  15. anonymous says:

    Really, I did not like McCain or Obama. I REALLY didn’t like obama, and was incredibly disgusted with the way people are covering him on the news. everybody’s making a big deal about the inaguration, too, and I just wish they would quiet down about it! everyone knows he’s the president elect! And by the way, spreading the wealth means taxing 5% of americans because they’re ‘rich’. how do you think that will work out? but when he messes up, oh man…

  16. toysman says:

    Well I’m a conservative and as a conservative I say that we don’t think Barack Hussein Obama Is a terrorist we just judge about his relations with A terrorist Bill Ayers.
    For the people who don’t know about Bill Ayers. He is an extreme leftist. Also a known terrorist for he is a PROFESSER! KNOW, enough about Bill Ayers. The reason John McCain criticized Obama so much was because his policies didn’t make sense. Spend 2 trillion dollars on trash cans (aka stimulus).That’s why we conservatives’ are questioning.
    Beanie wells fan
    I’m changing my name soon toToYsman

  17. Ok people, listen up.
    I know this is a little late on the thread, but this needs to be said. All of you people who are judging Obama because he is Muslim, are saying that he is Muslim, so the terrorists will like him. What are you doing? Copying and pasting from FOX News? Or should it be called, the FOX / McCain News? Thats just a side issue, that FOX is ridiculously republican. But never mind that.
    All of these comments you are making, about pulling troops out Iraq, and “change we can beleive in,” this is how I put it.
    In the Iraq situation, he is just being sensible. I mean, we are pretty much done there, and eventually, people are going to have to start fending for themselves, without us helping.
    And the whole “change we can beleive in,” it may not be change we can beleive in, but at least it’s change. Because I don’t know how you see things, but so far without change, our economy has reached the lowest since the great deppression.
    And Monkey Man, the whole abortion thing is just ridiculous. Our economy is horrible, the market in shambles, and employees are losing there jobs rapidly. And all this comes back to is, well, abortion. Ok, maybe in some religions it isn’t considered humane. Ok? So leave it there. You just don’t have to do it. But for that poor girl who just got pregnant, and it wasn’t her fault, and now cannot afford to support the baby, she can so it doesn’t ruin her life.
    I hope you all come to your senses.
    And P.S. Really anonymous? Are you insisting that we elect Ron Paul as the president of the United States?
    (Repeated for dramatic effect)
    Ron Paul as the president of the United States?
    Just a thought man, don’t take it personnaly.

  18. Haha yoda I just read your comment… and I couldn’t agree more. And also, I forgot to add this to my previous post, when Obama said that McCain would make a better president, that is not someone who is underconfident, or unable, but simply modest.
    At any point in McCain’s campain, he never even complemented him one bit. He was just savoring the 3-month FOX story about Obama being a, well, terrorist.
    I had to read that twice, because the first time, that didn’t seem right. Haha FOX
    Always with my witty, and occasionally intelligent political advice,
    ~Canyon D

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