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The Hotdogs Are Back!

I know you've been waiting for it!  I know you've been wanting it!  And I'm sorry about the late release date, but I forgot the password for the Blurb.  I openly agree that I am responsible for this, but hey, I'm a … Continue reading

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Taking Flight: Part 2, the fun begins :-)

LIGHTS, CAMERA, BUTTEERFLIES!! As we sat down the extraordinary crew introduced themselves. Dinner time!!! Yum, the dinner was fantastic. Before we left we played a little game. (We played with stickers! Yes, we know, we know, that's for little kids, blah, blah, blah, but it was amusing :-D.) It … Continue reading

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Taking Flight: Part 1, The Beginning

How I, Double Whammy, got on a PBS show with my friend, Shorty.  It all started when I got to audition for a non-profit show. (I know what your thinking what about the money? But if you put it in perspective … Continue reading

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