Taking Flight: Part 1, The Beginning

How I, Double Whammy, got on a PBS show with my friend, Shorty. 

It all started when I got to audition for a non-profit show. (I know what your thinking what about the money? But if you put it in perspective this could be my/our big break.) The thing was this was a national show and any one could be watching.

I had to spend my whole Saturday there, (yes I know for a non-profit TV program? What is wrong with that girl?) and my brother and I were 85, and 84. They had to give out numbers all the way to one hundred, because there were so many kids!


We finished lunch and finally got to audition inside the Morehead Planetarium, my babysitter/neighbor/actress in the making, had said to always give big answers so you don't look shy. 

I went first in the quiet room with all the lights and cords, they were filming the auditions then sending the tapes to the production crew. There were only planetarium workers asking the questions. They asked me the simple ones "What do you want to be when you grow up?" etc. When I was done my mom sent in my brother and like mothers do, they say you did great, fantastic, etc.

A few days passed and we were notified that this was a girl segment so my brother was o-u-t, out. We were supposed to find out on a Tuesday, and they called when I was at school and she told me on the way to horseback riding.

The warm glow turned to a frosty one when I discovered it was only a callback. I had to choose one of my four best friends to go on the show with me.

My fifth grade teacher told me my friend, Shorty , would be the best candidate for auditions. (I had also been friends with her for almost 4 years.)

I was really nervous about telling the rest of my friends that I had chosen this friend.

We ended up missing school for the final audition (that made up for the whole Saturday I wasted). We ended up in a small room with a web-cam and a guy managing the computer/web cam, we eventually found out that his name was Brad.

We stood in front a small web-cam, and a mic. We saw the producer, Angie,  who would be working with us if we made the show. She asked us what we knew about butterflies (DragonFly TV was doing a segment on nano science) and nano science. We were very animated, (the producer informed us later) we also did this knock knock joke here is how it goes.

"Knock Knock" I said.

"Whose there?" Angie answered.

"Shorty!" Shorty said.

"Shorty who?" Angie replied.

"Shorty Hu!!!" we said in unison. (Shorty's last name was Hu).

That made her crack up, and I mean crack up. She thanked us and we exited the room with a huge sigh of relief.

They were supposed call on a Wednesday if we were going on the show, but the phone rang on Tuesday, around nine or so, and my mom talked hurriedly, the worst part was she kept a strait face so I didn't know whether it was good or bad news. She got off the phone and started dancing with me, I was surely on the show.

I quickly ran up the street to tell Shorty (we lived on the same street). She was at swim practice, darn! Her parents got the call then told her the next morning (so she would get some sleep). My fifth grade teacher let us announce the good news to the class the next morning.

Everything had been going well, and the small crew of four invited us out for dinner, at a restaurant in Chapel Hill. My mother had insisted on a trim (on my hair) and we ended up rushing over to the restaurant, then my mom forgot she didn't have make-up on and we had to got to a nearby drugstore, we ended up being 5-10 minutes late. Luckily the crew dismissed the topic. 

The crew was fantastic and I mean GREAT! Like I said before they were only a crew of four 

Angie: the producer

Jo: the executive producer 

Mike: the cameraman

Vern: the audio-man

We (Shorty and I) knew this was going to be an excellent experience.

(Image retrieved from:  http://pbskids.org/dragonflytv/show/butterflywings.html on December 5, 2008)


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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