Taking Flight: Part 2, the fun begins :-)


As we sat down the extraordinary crew introduced themselves. Dinner time!!! Yum, the dinner was fantastic. Before we left we played a little game. (We played with stickers! Yes, we know, we know, that's for little kids, blah, blah, blah, but it was amusing :-D.) It was great but soon we had to leave. We were sad to see them go, but we did know we would have a great day tomorrow.

 The next day we were going to start filming in the afternoon at 3:30. They were supposed to call us right before to make sure they were done with the other kids. (They were filming another episode with 6 people, so it was going to take a while.)

Oh yeah, it sure took a while. We were supposed to start on Saturday right? Well it ended up starting on Sunday! They hadn't worked with 6 kids before, so they thought it wouldn't take that long, they were wrong! (I, Double Whammy, was happy because I got to go to my horse show.)

We woke up bright and early on Sunday. It was not the best thing in the world, but we did get to skip our Sunday morning activities (church, swimming, etc).

We met up at the to the butterfly house, at the Museum of Life and Science. 

We were reunited with the crew. We picked out our shirts and pants that would go together, and at the same time, look good on camera. Now it is time to get our microphones on. Vern took out 2 mics and positioned them on our shirts (Shorty had trouble later on with the mic).

It is show time!! Lights, camera, action! We first filmed with an entomologist named Leon; we ended up doing two scenes with him.

We took action. First we looked over the outline, Angie had typed up, so we knew the overall concept and we knew what we had to accomplish.  We found a great spot to film and then… standby, ACTION!! (Standby is what Mike said to get us ready. 

We filmed and filmed until we got it right (and until Leon got it right). Let us tell you, now professionals on the art of filming, you have to get close-ups, and get the lighting right, etc. Then we finally did it, yes "SUCCESS!" We were relieved, to get a couple scenes done.

We moved on to the close-ups, we finally got that accomplished too! WOO HOO!

Mike looked at us guiltily "uhhh, guys we had some technical difficulties and it didn't, uh, record. Let's try again. . . ."

"MIKE!!!!" we cried.

So there we went, doing it all over again. It was really fun. (Not really.)

That day we learned that the blue morpho  can change colors when the light changes or the butterfly is tilted. We also found out that a butterflies wings are colored by pigmentor iridescent. We had an awesome time with Leon.

 He suggested that we work with soap bubbles to find out about iridescent. 

For part of the segment we got to release monarch butterflies 

We also got to work with a Duke University professor named Fred. We looked at a blue morpho butterfly under a huge microscope (we could zoom in about 5,000, talk about a close-up!). We ended up learning that butterflies have very small scales. Butterfly means scaled wing in Latin. 

We looked at the color of the wing change when the wing got tilted, the wing turned from a vibrant blue, to a turquoise green, to a blue purple.

The next day we would be at my (Double Whammy) house. 


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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One Response to Taking Flight: Part 2, the fun begins :-)

  1. Spider Pig says:

    whats up blurbers? This is spider pig former blurber. I am glad to see you are keeping the blurb going. =) I would like to see a post about your new pet doughnuts. Fred and Bob died last year. =( Lets hope these doughnuts live longer than Fred and Bob! You will never be able to beat how many views we got last year. Keep up the good work though.
    Spider Pig

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