The Warlord’s Return

You knew him, you loved him, and now he's back as the Blurb's Senior Assistant Editor in Chief (or am I the Blurb's Junior Editor in Chief?).  In my first independent post, I will write an open letter to newly elected President Barack Obama.

President Obama,

I write to you with concern for this nation and this nation's future.  My three primary concerns are the economy, which I'm sure you know about, the energy crisis, and the education system.

While I believe that you understand the economy and the way to fix it with stimulus packages, I am unsure about your reasoning for your stand on the energy crisis, which can provide a much more efficient way to fix the economy and the energy crisis in one fell swoop.  You, of all people undoubtedly know that green energy can create millions of jobs, and reduce government spending in the long term, but I am concerned that you support "clean" coal technology.

There is no good reason to support "clean" coal technology over any renewable sources.  "Clean" coal is still dirtier than renewable sources, less efficient, can be implemented in the same amount of time, can be implemented for a similar amount of money, and most importantly will run out someday.  We know that if "clean" coal is used, we will be right back to where we are today in fifty years, just down however many billions of dollars required to build coal plants.

However, if renewable sources are used and created, we will have access to energy that never runs out, hence "renewable."  Also, many renewable sources don't pollute at all, except for building the wind turbines, solar arrays, or tide generators.  Renewable sources will create the same number of jobs that "clean" coal will create, but jobs will not disappear when the coal runs out.  This will also gain us favor with European countries that have implemented carbon caps.

On the second issue, the education system, my main concern is that it is designed so that the lowest performing can get the extra help they need, but the higher performing get principals that won't let them advance, teachers that are inadequately equipped to handle their higher needs, and general boredom.  The top students are doomed to boredom, because the school system doesn't cater to their needs.  One of my best friends has been turned off the science in middle school, because the "science" teachers hardly teach any science!  I have asked my teachers in the past higher level questions, such as how you can find the number of valence electrons for a transition element, and they have responded with "you'll learn that later, you don't need to know that now."  Is it a wonder that the US is falling behind other countries in science and other subjects?

The education system should be revamped to allow higher level students to thrive, and put the US back on top.


The Blurb's Senior Assistant Editor in Chief

Post your thoughts about the state of the nation, and what Obama is doing right and wrong in his first 100 days here at The Blurb!


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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1 Response to The Warlord’s Return

  1. Mike H says:

    Great letter. Glad to see students asking the President questions. I’m not a coal fan either, but wanted to know if you had an opinion on nuclear energy.

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