The Blurb Goes Green

You may have seen the recent color change for the Blurb.  This color change symbolizes our next project–raising awareness of the environmental problem and updating readers on steps taken worldwide to help this problem.  And what better day to kick it off than Earth Day?

We at the Blurb feel that Earth Day should be everyday, and encourage you to do the same.  This is also a chance to encourage all of your friends to be green!  Encourage them to check out the Blurb every day, and learn of the real environmental situation of America and the world.  In honor of Earth Day, I have written a poem:



The trees whispering,

The rain giggling,

And the birds gossiping and calling like unruly teens.

This is the lullaby of nature,

Ingrained through centuries to bring comfort,

To bring security,

And to bring calm.

Nature brings peace.



However, every year that we don't make a concious effort to preserve nature, more and more is destroyed, and we will eventually lose it.  On this Earth Day, and every day, make a concious effort to be green, and save the planet.


The Blurb's Senior Assistant Editor in Chief


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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5 Responses to The Blurb Goes Green

  1. The Joker says:

    A new blurb proj. means more posts for the blurb.
    Woo Hoo!
    -The Joker

  2. Darth Tater says:

    Hey Kid,
    This is an AMAZING poem! I’m really, really proud of you.
    I also wrote about your Blurb Goes Green project on my blog:
    Super well done. Keep the good content coming!
    Bam Bam

  3. melynn says:

    Powerful poem. Great work!

  4. John Ferriter (Darth Tater's Daddy) says:

    go go blurb… its good to see the re-vitilzation… i got away from frequent visits when the site cooled dowm but now expect to return more regularly. you’ll know i’m lurking when you see me in your stats and i’ll try to post as much as i can.

  5. John Ferriter (Darth Tater's Daddy) says:

    OK Green Blurbers….
    Lets spread the word throughout twitter land as well. I personally dont tweet but i’m sure a bunch of you do so get cracking on those 140 character tweets to promote your activity….

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