Green Energy

One aspect of being green is replacing our fossil fuel energy sources with renewable ones.  Our new president, Barack Obama, has promised to do this soon (click here for a shorter version).  I also wrote a letter to President Obama expressing concerns about this.  Here is one quote:

"You, of all people undoubtedly know that green energy can create millions of jobs, and reduce government spending in the long term, but I am concerned that you support "clean" coal technology.

There is no good reason to support "clean" coal technology over any renewable sources.  "Clean" coal is still dirtier than renewable sources, less efficient, can be implemented in the same amount of time, can be implemented for a similar amount of money, and most importantly will run out someday.  We know that if "clean" coal is used, we will be right back to where we are today in fifty years, just down however many billions of dollars required to build coal plants.

However, if renewable sources are used and created, we will have access to energy that never runs out, hence "renewable."  Also, many renewable sources don't pollute at all, except for building the wind turbines, solar arrays, or tide generators.  Renewable sources will create the same number of jobs that "clean" coal will create, but jobs will not disappear when the coal runs out.  This will also gain us favor with European countries that have implemented carbon caps."

I also recently recieved a comment from Mike H, asking about nuclear energy, another renewable source, but not as good as wind, tide, and solar.  Nuclear energy is a great source of energy, but when the uranium rods run out, they leave behind toxic nuclear waste.  Wind, tide, and solar energy leave behind nothing, will create new jobs indefinitely, and help America to rise above the economic crisis.

All opposition to renewable energy is due to the fact that it is totaly new, and will take a while to build.  This is true, but we must keep in mind that it will take an equally long time (about 10 years) to create oil drills in Alaska.  According to a Gallup poll, 77% of Americans surveyed thought that America should increase energy production from alternative sources.  Another Gallup poll says that 24% more Americans say we should concentrate on protecting the environment than increasing energy sources, a big concern with drilling in Alaska.

It is clear that we need renewable sources of energy, not just to stop global warming, but also to maintain America's energy independence so we don't rely on other countries for fuel.


The Blurb's Senior Assistant Editor in Chief

What do you think?  Should America expand its alternate energy sources?  Post your thoughts and comments here on The Blurb!


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5 Responses to Green Energy

  1. Sean Keller says:

    There is no question that the green economy is going to be the next great driving force in innovation, economic growth and job creation.
    The directory at has over 3000 busnesses that are creating green collar jobs today and a job board with hundreds of green jobs currently available.

  2. Louisa Guest says:

    Run for president – I’d vote for you! Great article – easy to read, excellent informal style…in Australia where I live, there are lots of wind farms popping up which is pretty exciting. What is disappointing is that our government doesn’t seem too keen on really pushing solar power which, considering the amount of sunlight we get, is a HUGE waste.
    Keep up the great work
    Louisa Guest
    South Australia

  3. Alternative energy sources do need to be explored more fully. If we started a large scale implementation, more research and development would go toward making it more efficient. Unfortunately it is hard to shift momentum when so much money is being made by the petroleum and coal industries.
    Mr. C

  4. Renee Moore says:

    I very much agree with your analysis on America’s need to develop more renewable energy resources. When I hear politicians claim that “most Americans want us to drill for more oil here”–I wonder which Americans are these?
    I’m also grateful that you took the time to speak out on this issue and to write President Obama (I believe he will listen to the voices of young people, and respects their views). Speak truth to power.

  5. I think you have made an important point; we need to look at how we do things differently. Keeping the same jobs going that aren’t working and are hurting the environment at the same time doesn’t make sense.
    What impact do you think your letter to President Obama will have? I am interested to see what comes of it. Keep us posted!

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