Atomic Bomb Rap 2

I hope you didn't think that the previous rap was the last you would ever see of us! We would never get an A+ with just 1 video! Anyways, we had to have two different essential questions for our research, so we chose: how did the atomic bomb effect Japan physically, and how did the atomic bomb effect Japan ppolitically.

This rap is about the second question that I am not going to restate because I just said it a second ago. Why did they surrender? Did they fear the USA? Who decided to give up the war and unconditionally surrender? Well, all of these questions are covered in the rap.

Oh, and one of our beat-boxers couldn't partake in this rap because he was to busy cooking and baking food in his Home Economics class. But I don't think he wanted us to mention that, so I'll just say that he was, uh, dancing in the lunchroom? Oh, I don't think he would want us to say that either. Well, I'll just say that he "mysteriously disappeared." Well, enjoy this, because it is probably the last rap we will do for you, unless our eighth grade teachers next year demand that we reunite for a project.


Here are the lyrics:


By: The A- Bombers 

ONCE— upon a time

JAPAN— was committing crimes

Japanthought they were so jocky

So we dropped a bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

REWIND (break down)

The U.S. was sittin’ and chillin’ in a chair

We thought WWII was Europe ’s affair

It was pretty much true, it wasn’t our war

But that, my friend, that was before

The Japanese bombed Pear Harbor

The cut us up like a New Yorkan barber

We felt a need to display our wrath

The Atomic Bomb was the right path

We dropped it not once, but two times

Left Japan standing there like a clan of mimes

The A- Bomb is effective: then and now

But now I must explain how

We proved to Japan that we weren’t stopping

These A- bombs we would keep on dropping

After the bomb got Japan soft and tender

We demanded an unconditional surrender

Japan then extremely feared

That if they didn’t their end was near

They were hoping their living conditions would improve

So I guess their surrender was a pretty sweet move

Once Japan was blown to the bone

They said they would surrender if Hereto stayed on the throne

Once Japan chilled from super nova

Hereto said on the radio: “The war is over”


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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