Cambridge Catastrophe

Cambridge-police-badge What's up blurb fans? This is Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude, here for a post about all of this Cambridge police department drama.

OK, so this one man, an African American Harvard professor, was having some trouble getting into his house (don't we all eventually?). He couldn't get in, so him and his driver tried to break in to the house. His neighbor saw this, and considering the fact that this professor's house has been robbed before, called the police.

So the police arrive, doing their duty (ha, I said duty) and asking questions. You know, typical cop stuff, like, "Who are you," "What are you doing here," and, "Can I see some identification." And this is when havoc breaks loose.

Instead of cooperating, apologizing for the situation, explaining what was going on, and showing some ID, he starts to bad mouth the cops (which seems like the only way this rising generation can deal with conflicts). He starts insulting the cops, and saying that they are only giving him trouble because he was black. The man continues to cause trouble, and gets himself arrested.

Then someone tells Mr. President about this issue, and it turns out Obamba is friends with the professor. Obamba talks about the issue. He starts out by saying that he doesn't know all of the facts, and his answer would be considered a little bit biased considering he is friends with the guy. Instead of stopping there, he feels the urge to throw a dart in the dark. He then says that the Cambridge police department acted "stupidly."

Obviously, Obamba did not hear the whole story, and gave a blind comment. He obviously owed the Cambridge Police department an apology.

So, a couple of questions:

  • Do you think the Police did their job correctly?
  • Do you think that the professor was right to smart mouth the police, not show identification, then accuse them of being racist?
  • Do you think Obamba should of stopped after saying that he didn't know all of the facts?
  • Do you think Obamba owes the police an apology?

Think deeply, and share your thoughts on this issue.

    Until next time,

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