Healthcare Scare

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Some of you might of heard Obamba's speech about how he wants to bring nationalized health care to America. That is where you don't have to worry if you will be able to afford health care, because the government pays for it. Sound wonderful, right? Well, it may sound great with just that statement said, but lets go a little bit deeper.

First thing I want to say is: Why should we trust the government with our health care, if they have already messed up our social security?

I hope that you realize that this money won't just magically appear, it will be coming out of our pockets. If you are very rich, you will be losing a whole lot of money off this plan. If you are poor, or on the verge of poverty, or maybe even middle classed, it will be a pretty good deal.

The thing is that 43% of earners in America don't pay any income tax at all. This is either because they don't make enough money, or they work under the table (which is illegal, I hope you know). Then the very top 1% of earners in America are paying 47% OF ALL INCOME TAX! And then to throw even more taxes on us, that's just not right.

So basically: this bill is punishing those who work hard. My father went through 12 years of college, was a Harvard professor for a while, and is now a dentist. And if this bill passes, it is basically saying, "Good job, now you need to pay for all of those people that didn't try in school, and flunked every other test!" Sure, I really don't mind paying for the people who came out a very poor family, who couldn't afford college, so then could not get a good job. But for those who are and always had a chance to be successful, it is just not right.

Right now, 53% of congress is against this. Obamba wants this bill to be voted on before August. This isn't because he wants to get it done and over with. Obamba wants this done before the August recess. Because if the people who are all for this go home, and get yelled and screamed at by protesters, I don't think their opinion will be the same when they come back.

So what do you think, should the bill be passed, or no? Think deeply, and share your thinking.

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