Celtic shot down by the Gunners

The very first edition of the Europa league started today, seeing Celtic F.C. (Ireland) play Arsenal F.C.(England), Sporting Lisbon C.P. (Portugal) up against Fiorentina A.C.F.(Italy), Timisoara F.C.(Ukrane) playing V.F.B. Stuttgart (Germany), F.C. Copenhagen(Denmark) going head to head with Apoel Nicosia F.C.(Cyprus), and F.C.Sheriff Tiraspol (Moldova) against Olympiacos F.C. (Greece).


(image retrieved from http://www.balones-oficiales.com/img/Europa%20League.jpg)

The Europa League was renamed this year, after F.C.Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0 to win the final Champions League. The Europa League is a contest of the two best teams (up to seven for major countries such as England,Italy,and Spain) that go against each other in a playoff type tournament. The winners, are dawned on as "the kings of Europe."

Each week, weekend, or day there is a game I will choose a game of the weekend, week, or game of the day and go in depth for that game. The game of the day for today is Celtic F.C. of Ireland playing Arsenal Gunners from England.  I give you the game of the day for Tuesday, August 18, 2009.

 The Celtic against Arsenal game was a very good game.

Everything was quiet in Celtic Stadium, Ireland until William Gallas hit the mesh of the net from the deflection off his back off  of Cesc fabregas's free kick. They hit the back of the net once earlier in the game, but the goal was dissalowed.

At that point most of the 58,000 people were wanting their talented Celtic team to come back once the half was over. In the fifty-second minuite, a yellow card was issued to Daniel Fox (celtic). There were two substitutions in which Scott McDonald and and Mark Antonio Fourtune came on for Massimo Donati and Georgios Samaras.

Two minutes later, another yellow card was given to Celtic, this time to Landry N'Guemo. There wasn't al ot of action in the next twelve minutes dispite the substitution where the Russian Andrei Arshavn retired for the night, while Vassirki Abou Diabi came on the pitch.

The hole Celtic was in got worse when Gary Caldwell tapped the ball into his own net. eight minutes later Arsenal got their first yellow card, thanks to Gael Clichy. Four minuites from time Glenn Lover recieved Celtics third yellow card.

So after nintey minuites Arsenal walked out victorious, but, we both know it could have been different.

-supa soda


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