New “I Wonder” Series…

So we're going to start a new type of post here on the Blurb called the I Wonder series.  In some ways, I Wonder posts will resemble what we've always done on the Blurb.  We'll still be trying to wrestle with challenging questions that have two unique and debatable points of view.

What makes I Wonder posts interesting is they will never be more than one sentence long!

We'll do a lot in that one sentence though.  Specifically, we'll include links to current events or other blog articles that share both sides of the story we're studying.  For I Wonder writers, that means most of OUR work is done with our minds.  We've got to study issues with an open mind and find writers that think differently about a topic.

For I Wonder readers—and we're talking about YOU—that means most of YOUR work is done with your minds, too.  You can read our I Wonder statement to get a sense for what we're thinking about, but then you've got to read the articles that we link to in order to learn about both sides of the story.  When you're done, you can leave a comment to share with us which side of the story you think is right and which side of the story you think is wrong. 

Does this make sense? 

Then let's practice.  Here's an I Wonder bit written by me—-Darth Tater:

I wonder if parents or judges should decide what's right for children.

Remember that it's your job to read both of the articles embedded in my I Wonder statement, figure out what the two-sides of the story are, and then make a decision that you're willing to share with us.  Also remember that you're trying to communciate through writing, so give us some details, huh?


The Tater


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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One Response to New “I Wonder” Series…

  1. Some ramdom dude from mars?! says:

    I think this will be a great new edition to the Blurb! Also, the parents should decide what is best for children because it is their children you are talking about. Also, What if the judges are parents? Wouldn’t it take judges to approve what’s best for children? What if the parents made a law/rule that is against a law? If a judge or jury doesn’t approve it, there would be some major problems! I think there should be a district for parents to create laws/rules for what’s best for children. Also, about the judge link, they really shouldn’t be able to keep the parents from making decisions about their own child! Based on our research in class recently, governments make bad decisions daily! What’s your side of the story?

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