The $17,000 Punishment

    In Rome, Silvio Berlusconi was caught cheating on his wife by having a girlfriend.  This is terrible, considering he is married.  Italian bloggers have been writing so much about it that Silvio has gotten angry.  He has worked with the government to declare the Alfano decree


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August 31, 2009)

    If the decree is passed into law, anyone who writes online, and is accused of hurting someone's feelings, will be fined $17,000 if they do not apologize in the next two days.  So, now bloggers are going to be worried about commenting online because anyone can claim something that someone wrote 'hurt their feelings' and the writer will have to pay. 


(Image retrieved from on August 31,2009)

    This is a horrible decree; people should be allowed to say their thoughts. In the United States, we have the freedom of speech, which means we can say anything, anywhere without having to face consequences- even if someone doesn't approve. They don't have this in Italy, so Italians are restricted on the internet. 

    I strongly disagree with this crazy decree because the way that people state their feelings online, where anyone can read it, gives new ideas to everyone around the world.  My teacher loves to blog because it gets his thoughts out, and he can argue his point of view with others.  It's amazing how someone can think up the most bizarre idea, and because of who that person is, people believe it's good.  Thoughts should be shared with others so the residents of any country, city, state, or area all over the would can make good decisions.  

    Over all, this decree Silvio has made is foolish, and we should hope people see that.

Questions to Contemplate:

1. Do you think Silvio's decree is good or bad?  Why?

2. What do you think will happen if the decree does become law? 

3. What kind of person do you think Silvio is?

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One Response to The $17,000 Punishment

  1. Yo, wassup Purple Picker Porcupine. I just read the post, and I totally agree with you (depsite the fact that I am Italian). I was looking around for a post that I should use to write about, and this one caught my eye. You guys might be the Blurb’s best year yet, considering that you pretty much already have more posts than last year’s post. But one thing you guys need to top our year (the year before last year)… a rapper! And whoever that rapper is going to be, we are gonna rapoff!!!
    Keep up the good work children (haha, I can call you guys children now!),
    The Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude

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