Bullfighting in Spain, Is this right?

I wonder if the Spainards should keep doing their bullfighting tradition, or stop torturing them?



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2 Responses to Bullfighting in Spain, Is this right?

  1. bobby blurb says:

    I think that the Spanish should definetely keep on continuing the tradition of bullfighting because it is a tradition! I think that bullfighting is great so long as it’s happenning at the same time. For example, this year a tiny bull was bought because of the budget crunch. As long as the economy is humming along, then the tradition if bullfighting should continue. Do you think that it should be cancled? Why or why not?

  2. Cassie Coleman says:

    I think it is a yes and a no, to keep the bullfighting. Yes they sould keep their bullfighting because it is a tradition there people has been doing for years.
    But no becuase it is turtore for the bulls. Just think of it this way would you like to be put i a ring and have knifes go through your back; and having this happen for like an hour?
    I am not sure if they should or should not keep bull fighting. This was my opinion but it is not my choose to stop it or not.
    If you were the pesident what would you choose to do about bull fighting?

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