Is The EU Really Admitting More Refugees?

The EU has decided that they would let more refugees into their union.  If a boat makes it to Europe than the refugees will get spread around the EU.  This is so important to look at because, last year 65,596 refugees were resettled, but the EU only took 4,378 or 6% of them.  In this new idea, the EU countries have a choice if you want to take the refugees.  The commissioner’s statement was “The EU countries would remain free to decide if they want to resettle at all, if so, how many refugees they wish to resettle". 

 This idea sounds great, but if you have a choice to take the refugees than this defeats the whole purpose.  What I am trying to say, is this plan takes the EU back to the beginning.  What I mean by beginning is, it brings the EU back to where they started before they made this new idea.   

In my opinion, the plan is a waste and this is why, if you have the choice to choose if you want to take refugees, then only those who take the refuges all ready will do it. The plan really is trying to make the EU look better by saying they are taking in more refugees. Don’t be fooled because the EU is not taking in any more or less. You would think it the number of refugees would drop if they have a choice but those who are taking in the refugees right now, are all ready taking them in on their own free will.  For example, these countries on the map take in some refugees.


This picture does not include the countries on the cost of them Mediterranean Sea because that is were the immigration  problem is.

Do you think this idea is going to help the EU and refugees?  What do you think the effect would be if the government forced resettlement in all countries? 

My answer to these questions is that this plan will not help the EU with their problem, because with the choice of resettlement the country has not gained anything, just lost time.  The government has lost time because, with this choice of resettlement, many countries who do not take in the refugees today, will also not do it later.  The only countries that will help, are the only ones who help any ways.  A better idea could be to force resettlement.

For a better idea what about forced resettlement.  If the government did force resettlement, then I think some of the countries in the EU will try to withdraw the law or try to rebeel from the EU.  If this happens the EU has some hard problems on their hands.  What do you think?



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