The Invasion of Lampedusa

For a while now African immigrants have been stuffing Europe to the limit. One of the main immigration targets is a tiny Italian island off the coast of Africa called Lampedusa. It’s one of the most hit migrant spots because it’s such a short distance away from Africa. Africa is so poor that their willing to risk a year’s salary to get on one of these boats that will take them to Europe:





They will either die, get caught, or (unlikely) make it there and start a better life. They have to stand on this boat for about ten days with no food or fresh water. Italy is trying to be fair about this situation and saying that they should distribute these immigrants to other countries around Europe instead of just sending them back to Africa. But before this decision happens, they’ll just have to keep sending these migrants back.


Questions to consider:


1.  Do you think this is fair to the Africans?

2.  How about to Italy?  Should Italy let immigrants stay?

3.  Do you think that immigrants should be distributed across Europe?


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