Wildfires in California

"As I stepped onto the balcony I knew I had no time. I ran to my mom and told her that the mountains were on fire and smoke was everywhere. We packed up some clothes; I crabed some potographs and my diary and we left," said Abigail Carrillo. 

  California-wildfires 1  


California fires 2

Recent wildfires in the mountains of Los Angeles are getting crazy, people are leaving their homes, a lot of firefighters are trying to stop them. Thousands of firefighters have been trying to stop these wildfires but sadly the fires have claimed two firefighters lives.  More than 60% of homes and about 219 square miles of forest have been burned in California.

Firefighters aren't getting any sleep because thay are trying to stop the fires. Arnold Schwarzenegger the state's governor said, "I am trying to reassure residents." The Los Angles County  Sheriff’s Department has been looking for the person or people responsible for setting the fire which is still burning today.

 Wildfires california 2

The fire started at a ranger station so the firefighters have named this wildfire "Station Fire". This area has not had a fire in 40 years and the build up of leaves and dead trees have given this fire plenty of fuel as well as the dry air, hot temperatures and bone dry-brush. More than 12,000 structures have been threated in the wildfires. On Thursday 38% of the station fire was contained. Thousands of Californians are still waiting to go back to their homes.  

    Fun Facts

  • A way to stop a fire is by clearing out a area around the fire by removing dead plants and leaves so the fire can not easily spread.
  • A helicopter can carry a Bambi Bucket containing fire chemicals, it will drop the chemicals on the fire to help put out the fire.
  • Fire trucks have high pressured hoses that shoot water at the flames. These trucks hold about 800 gallons of water.


  • Would

you try to stop the wildfires yourself just like people in Greece did to try to save their home in Athens?

  • What would you take with you if your house was about to burn down?
    • Where would you go if your house burned down?
  • California wild fires map 1 

    Signed by, 

     Cassie Coleman

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    2 Responses to Wildfires in California

    1. Cassie Coleman says:

      I was watching the news this morning and Glenn Beck was saying that they found who was responible for the fire. The police will not give the name but it a 13 or 14 year old boy that is reaponsible for the fire.
      I wonder why the police will not give the name of the boy, but i very well want to know. How about you?

    2. hockeyking123 says:

      If my home was threatened by wild fires I would NOT stay indoors. Your life is your most important possession and one person with a couple of buckets can’t stop a raging wildfire. Although, I wouldn’t leave my house without some precautions. I would slightly douse my house so that if the fire reached it the house would be engulfed with less force. I would also take all my most prized possesions and emergency objects like a backup radio. Great Post!

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