Poverty’s Real . . . You Can Help!

Imagine not having fresh water, or shelter, or even health care—the necessities that everyone needs to live with.  Imagine living in Zimbabwe, where the GDP per capita is $200.

Are YOU OK with that? 


Imagine living in Angola, where about 200 of every 1,000 babies die every year. 

Are YOU OK with that?

Imagine people living without what they need right this second. Imagine people dying right this minute.

Now imagine helping those people who are less fortunate than we are. 

We're doing that through Kiva, a program where you can lend to other people from all over the world who need money to start or maintain a business.  The great thing is that the money always comes back to us so that we can loan it out again.

Here's how it works:

  1. We raise money a bunch of different ways. We sell bumper stickers, we take donations, we have service projects like movie night, we recruit businesses to sponsor us.
  2. Every time we are sponsored or we raise money, we make sure we make a good loan to the right person. We look at the person's Kiva loan profile, which can tell you a lot about where the person or group is from, what they are going to do with the money, and more.
  3. Each person who is looking for a loan is partnered with a financial group that makes sure that businesses pay back what they borrow.  We look at how much we want to loan, whether the bank is reliable, and if it has a sufficient delinquency rate. A delinquency rate is the percentage of the people who have paid their money back on time.
  4. When we feel like we're making a good loan, we lend the money out, and the people we make loans to give back the money in a certain amount of time. Our group, Team Kids Care, has loaned to many people—women, men, individuals, groups, South Americans, Africans, Asians—helping them, their families and their communities.

That's our mission:  To loan money to people that are less fortunate than we are and to help them live a better life for their community, for their family, and for themselves. We are some 40 people that want to help—but in a world of millions, that's not enough. 

We need your help.  By using the button below to contribute to our club, you can make a difference, help one more person, and change a life in an instant.



All of the money you donate will go into our virtual account on Kiva. When we have decided who we want to loan to, we will loan the money out to them.  Remember, just a small sum of money from a lot of people who care can make a huge difference! 

For  more information about who we make our loans to, you can continue to check out The Blurb at http://guysread.typepad.com/theblurb/.

Please donate!


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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1 Response to Poverty’s Real . . . You Can Help!

  1. Suzie Boss says:

    Dear Team Kids Care,
    Congratulations on your important work! I thought you might like to know that you are part of a youth microlending movement. I recently interviewed some high school students for this story: http://www.edutopia.org/microlending-global-philanthropy-fundraising-entrepreneurs
    Your efforts will truly improve lives.

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