Kiva Loan to Maria

This is Maria. She is thirty-two years old and is a very hard-working, determined, and diligent woman. She has been married for ten years and has three children: two sons and one daughter.


Together with the rest of her family, she has been living in a rented house located in a southern district of the city of Lima, Peru. For eight years she has been making money by selling vegetables at a stand in her town's market, which she does in order to pay the economic expenses at home.

Our Kiva Club gave her a loan because we thought that she needs help in tight times but will repay money quickly. She likes selling vegetables because she learned to sell vegetables with her mother as a young girl. Also, Maria considers her business to be worthwhile because there are always large numbers of clients in the market looking for these products.

Her future goal is to be able to have a greater quantity of merchandise to go beyond the competition in the market, thereby improving her income. This is her ninth Kiva loan and she hopes to receive more to continue working with dedication and responsibility on her payments because it is an excellent way for her and her family to move forward.

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