Kiva Sponsor: Tyler’s Hope

On a cold February night, when most people were having a good dinner or watching the NFL playoffs, a family in Gainesville, Florida was receiving terrible news. Their firstborn son, Tyler a very healthy, athletic boy of 7, had just been diagnosed with Dystonia, a movement disorder that makes your muscles move without you wanting them to. There is no cure for Dystonia.


Tyler and his family decided to make an organization called Tyler’s Hope, were 100% of all donations go to finding a cure for the dreadful disease. Since then Tyler has progressed, so that he can barely talk and he eats through a tube in his stomach. Most days he spends in a wheelchair and in a lot of pain. A year later, when Tyler was 8, he was one of the youngest kids in the world to have deep brain surgery to help improve his symptoms.

Last year in March, the same family received even more bad news, Tyler’s little sister Samantha had been diagnosed with Dystonia also. Since then Samantha spends all of her time in a wheelchair and is in enormous pain because she has it in her back. Samantha is scheduled to undergo deep brain stimulation surgery on January 6, 2010.

The foundation that Tyler’s family started has raised millions of dollars for research and has started the world’s first international registry of Dystonia Patients. His doctor’s believe that finding a cure will happen during his lifetime!

The Salem Middle School Kiva Club is proud to have Tyler’s Hope as one of our sponsors and we wish Tyler, his sister and all of the other children who are suffering with Dystonia a healthy future.

   – Supa Soda

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