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Pouring on the Pounds


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Kiva Sponsor: Tyler’s Hope

On a cold February night, when most people were having a good dinner or watching the NFL playoffs, a family in Gainesville, Florida was receiving terrible news. Their firstborn son, Tyler a very healthy, athletic boy of 7, had just … Continue reading

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Kiva Loan to Maria

This is Maria. She is thirty-two years old and is a very hard-working, determined, and diligent woman. She has been married for ten years and has three children: two sons and one daughter. Together with the rest of her family, … Continue reading

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Immigrant Children

Immigrants are trying to get into Italy and other countries off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  Below is a poem of how a girl from Africa feels on the way to Italy.  Salty clear drops Run down my face Mixing with … Continue reading

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Poverty’s Real . . . You Can Help!

Imagine not having fresh water, or shelter, or even health care—the necessities that everyone needs to live with.  Imagine living in Zimbabwe, where the GDP per capita is $200. Are YOU OK with that?  Imagine living in Angola, where about 200 of … Continue reading

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The Invasion of Lampedusa

For a while now African immigrants have been stuffing Europe to the limit. One of the main immigration targets is a tiny Italian island off the coast of Africa called Lampedusa. It’s one of the most hit migrant spots because … Continue reading

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Wildfires in California

"As I stepped onto the balcony I knew I had no time. I ran to my mom and told her that the mountains were on fire and smoke was everywhere. We packed up some clothes; I crabed some potographs and my diary and we … Continue reading

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