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Immigrant Children

Immigrants are trying to get into Italy and other countries off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  Below is a poem of how a girl from Africa feels on the way to Italy.  Salty clear drops Run down my face Mixing with … Continue reading

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The Blurb Goes Green

You may have seen the recent color change for the Blurb.  This color change symbolizes our next project–raising awareness of the environmental problem and updating readers on steps taken worldwide to help this problem.  And what better day to kick … Continue reading

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Blood Curdling

Bloodcurdling It cannot breatheIt cannot loveIt lives off of magicIt lives off of bloodIt doesn’t sympathizeIt does not careIt will kill anyone, it will kill anywhere.It does not shareIt does not speakAll it does is eat, eat, eat.With one mouth … Continue reading

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Embraced in Weightless Delusion. . .

I am embraced in a weightless delusion . Gliding through a caress of an electric blue As exhilarating and passionate as the heavens above . It seems as if I am floating on all the tears ever cried . They … Continue reading

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