Goodbye Bam Bam…

Bambambigelow__scaled_100 This may seem like a strange post for The Blurb, but the WWE is reporting that one-time wrestling great Bam Bam Bigelow has passed away at the age of 45 in Florida. Bam Bam plays a role here on The Blurb because it is the chosen pseudonym of our president and editor-in-chief. 

When notified of the real Bam Bam’s passing, our editor was heartbroken.  "Bam Bam was a major part of my childhood," he wrote.  "I can remember being totally engaged by wrestling.  Wrestlemania was my favorite sporting event—and was one of the only times that my parents would let me stay up past bedtime. 

I became a Bam Bam fan because he was a seriously huge dude, so you knew that any time he got in the ring, big things were going to happen.  He also used my favorite move–the piledriver–as his match closer.  Like a story coming to a climax, I couldn’t wait to see if his matches would end with this awesome display of power."

Bam Bam often played the "villain" role in his matches, so he was rarely embraced as a childhood hero.  Why, then, did our editor admire him? 

"Every good story needs a villain, don’t you think?"  he answered.  "Life isn’t always smiles and candy corn.  In order to see the good in our world, it has to be off-set by the bad.  Knowing that Bam Bam was going to do something that was mean lent a sense of anticipation to wrestling.  I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do next—and how the good guys were going to respond."

Bam Bam’s life after wrestling wasn’t an easy one.  Racked by injuries sustained as a wrestler, he ended up addicted to painkillers and almost weary of his "celebrity."  He lost contact with his children, failed in a business that he tried to start, owed people thousands of dollars, bombed out as a movie actor, was often looking for a home, and ended up in a terrible motorcycle crash. 

"It just goes to show," said our editor, "That being a celebrity isn’t automatically easy.  Having a good life takes constant concern, care and hard work.  Money and fame doesn’t make someone happy.  I just feel bad that Bam Bam didn’t learn that lesson sooner."

(Image retrieved from on January 21, 2007)


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2 Responses to Goodbye Bam Bam…

  1. The fat guy says:

    Hey cool post you guys and very funny. But I had a little suggestion. You should change the color on your site cause it’s sorta ugly no offence. but the site is cool.
    the fat guy

  2. Its me again says:

    Hey the blurb its me again and I just thought of another request to make your site even more awesome. You should make funny interviews more. It will really hook the reader cause this cast was the funniest one yet and I hope you make more. Thanks
    Its me again

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