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Head to Head Clash Almost Guarantees One Winner

 On Saturday, Arsenal F.C. will be taking on long-term rivals, Manchester United F.C. who recently got shocked by newcomers to the premier league, Burnley F.C.1-0. Both sides are not as strong as they were last year, Arsenal losing Emanuel Adebayour … Continue reading

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New “I Wonder” Series…

So we're going to start a new type of post here on the Blurb called the I Wonder series.  In some ways, I Wonder posts will resemble what we've always done on the Blurb.  We'll still be trying to wrestle … Continue reading

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Massive Wildfire Burns Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece. The city dwells constantly as a threatening wildfire, called an environmental disaster, approaches across the Pindus Mountains. As the deadly fire is first spotted, thousands of the city's residents flee and evacuate their home. … Continue reading

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Celtic shot down by the Gunners

The very first edition of the Europa league started today, seeing Celtic F.C. (Ireland) play Arsenal F.C.(England), Sporting Lisbon C.P. (Portugal) up against Fiorentina A.C.F.(Italy), Timisoara F.C.(Ukrane) playing V.F.B. Stuttgart (Germany), F.C. Copenhagen(Denmark) going head to head with Apoel Nicosia F.C.(Cyprus), … Continue reading

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Blowing up in Majorca

Eta, a separatist group in the Basque region of Spain, has set off 3 bombs in Majorca Spain, a popular tourist area.  The bombs did not claim any lives.  The most interesting part is the placement of one of the … Continue reading

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This is a Test. It’s only a Test…

Yes.  You heard it.  We're HOPING to revive the BLURB!  Last year's kids:  LAZY. This year's kids:  ???????? We'll see. Come back and you can too.

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