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Barack Obama wants a college football playoff system

On both Monday Night Football and CBS's 60 Minutes, President-Elect Barack Obama said he wanted a 8 team college football playoff system. The current system is the Bowl Championship Series which, based on the BCS's webpage, is a five-game arrangement … Continue reading

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Are Kids Vermin?

In the UK, a commercial will be coming out on November 24, stating kids are like animals. In their commercial they are saying people think kids are horrible and are a nuisance. They took a survey and 54% of the adults say kids are … Continue reading

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Maximus Drive part 2

“Finally, we’re here,”Maximus said. He was looking at a huge white building that said Swargenanner Company.”We have some buisness to do here”,said Maximus. He went inside the buiding. John followed him in. Maximus touched a block in the brick wall … Continue reading

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Geode Rocks

Have you ever seen a Geode before? But do you really know what it is though? I found out yesterday that geodes are geological, that they are formed from sedimentary and volcanic rocks. They are rock cavities with crystal formations … Continue reading

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Voodoo Doll Madness

On October 22, 2008 President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, sued the company K&B for putting his face on a voodoo doll without his permission.  There was a voodoo doll of his opponent in the election as well, but she wasn't … Continue reading

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Why Barack Obama Won

    The obvious reason that Obama won the presidential election on Nov. 4 was because he was famous. In fact 52% of the people that made up their mind before September voted for Obama. Another obvious reason was the 66% of people aged … Continue reading

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Let’s put a smile on that face! :The lifetime of Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was born on April 4th, 1979 in Western Australia. He attended normal school in Gooseberry Hill, then he attended Guilford Grammar School, where he had his first acting experience as Peter Pan in a school play. His parents … Continue reading

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Ohio State vs Penn State

 The Penn State vs Ohio St. match up was supposed to be high scoring, yet defense dominated in a 13-6 Penn State victory.      Ohio State had the ball and a three-point lead when Terrelle Pryor fumbled, defensive back Mark Rubin … Continue reading

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Maximus Drive Part 1

Maximus Drive was smarter than Albert Einstein. His IQ was just about 250. Yet, as smart as he was, his body was just about as strong as a lemur and four foot two( and he's just about sixteen!) . Maximus and … Continue reading

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Instant Replay+ Soccer= Brilliance

An Italian soccer team,Fiorentina, had their best striker called out post-game and was penalized for two games.      The Fiorentina player,Gilardino, was caught with a hand goal after the game on video. A hang goal is when a player … Continue reading

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